Two students wearing masks walk outside on campus

COVID-19 Updates

Be well. Be prepared.

Students, staff, and faculty alike have stepped up to take vital prevention measures seriously and slow the spread of COVID-19. We welcome new and returning residents to join our continued commitment to the health and safety of everyone on campus. Follow health and safety precautions, including getting vaccinated and remembering to lie low, get tested, and isolate when we're not feeling well.

We are all in this together. This continues to be a dynamic situation and we are committed to adjusting as needed to meet the most current public health guidance and University expectations. 

Email questions to [email protected] and visit the Safe Campus website for more campus-wide details.

Health and Safety

"My M Community is safer because we do our part" above icons of a vaccine syringe, face covering, and testing swabs.

Community safety remains a top priority. Distancing, handwashing, testing, and other healthy behaviors are pivotal to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring a successful return to campus. Let’s take one final step together to protect ourselves and each other: Get the vax today! 

It is up to each of us to continue to take precautions to keep our community safe and reduce transmission on campus.

Face Coverings

Wearing a face covering is not required for those who are fully vaccinated in most situations while on campus, though we respect the many reasons people will continue regular mask usage. 

If you are not fully vaccinated, the University expects you to wear masks indoors. Learn about other mask expectations.

Respecting Mask Usage

Mask usage is common around the world to prevent illnesses from COVID-19 to common colds. Over the course of the semester, you will see people choosing to continue mask usage for a number of reasons. Remind yourself and others to respect mask usage and to slow the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses by practicing good health habits.

Disease does not discriminate. Xenophobia, racism, and other forms of bias are not tolerated.

Our Behavioral Standards reflect a respect for the rights and responsibilities of all community members. If you experience harassment or discrimination, reach out to your Community Advisor or your building’s Residence Director. You can also report to the Bias Response and Referral Network.

Resident FAQ

Helpful steps and resources for students living in on-campus housing.