• Decorating Your Room

Although we encourage you to use your creativity and imagination when decorating your room, we also caution you to use care and common sense. If you wish to hang posters and other items on your wall, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use poster putty to attach posters/paper to walls in the following locations: Comstock Hall, Centennial Hall, Pioneer Hall, Bailey Hall, Middlebrook Hall (Tower only), Frontier Hall (all rooms EXCEPT the new addition), Sanford Hall (all rooms in Tower and Reno EXCEPT rooms 130, 132, 134, 136, 138 and 140, and the renovated common areas in Reno basement and ground floor common areas), 17th Ave., and Territorial Hall (all areas EXCEPT “N” numbered rooms).

  • Use straight pins, small tacks, or “T” pins to attach posters to walls in the following locations: Yudof Hall, Wilkins Hall, Frontier Hall (all areas of new addition), Territorial Hall (all areas of new addition), Middlebrook Hall (all areas of new addition), Sanford Hall (rooms 130, 132, 134, 136, 138, and 140 and all common areas in the renovated area of Reno on ground floor and basement areas). Note: You will be charged for damage caused by tape and nails.

Fire safety regulations require that when decorating your room door, no more than 30% of your door be covered with material. Fire regulations also require that no flammable material be affixed to your room door or adjacent walls. If this occurs, you will be asked to remove the material. Other fire prevention expectations include not covering lights with paper or fabric and not overloading circuits or using inappropriate extension cords. Only use power strips with surge protection. Halogen lighting, decorative lights (e.g., tube lighting, neon lights, lava lamps), and candles are not allowed due to fire hazard.

You are responsible for the condition of your room and for all University-owned furniture within your room. You are not allowed to paint your room walls, ceiling, floor, or furnishings. Permanently affixed/fastened room fixtures such as bookshelves, beds, closets, and desks cannot be tampered with or removed from the room.

In the living space, construction of any type is prohibited. If you modify your living space or furnishings (e.g., bunk beds, partitions, bookshelves, or other structures), you do so at your own risk. All furniture must remain in the room. You are financially responsible for damaged or missing furniture. You are also financially responsible if a person is injured by any structure or article you modify or bring into housing spaces. If you or any other person is injured by a hazard modified or altered by you, and the injured person claims the University is responsible for payment for injuries or damages, you are financially responsible to the University. By signing the application contract, you agree to release the University from financial responsibility to the injured person.