• Full-Time Employment

    a large group of Student and full time staff smiling at the camera

We are extremely proud of our team, our values, our intentions, and our impact, but we always consider ourselves as a work-in-progress. At the University of Minnesota, we look for talented professionals who can help us take our department forward around our shared values and help us live them out to the fullest with each other and our students.

We are also a growth mindset based culture where change, feedback, and ideas can come from all levels and positions.

Another part of our culture is letting go of conventional wisdom when it no longer meets the needs of our students. Because of this, we have developed and operate with a Residential Curriculum model. Our curriculum, called Foundation for Success, guides and grounds all the work we do. One of our greatest examples of letting go is that we do not have hall councils or RHA on our campus. We have instead developed a "Groups" program.

Our staff members have the opportunity to impact not just their building residents, but all 7000 students living on campus through powerful special assignments.

The bottom line is that at the University of Minnesota, Housing & Residential Life staff members have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the community. You have the ability to develop and empower a strong staff team, to help the students within your community thrive, and to shape an entire department. We are focused on helping you be the best version of yourself and developing your skills as much as possible. We care about your success in impacting students at the University of Minnesota, your success after the University of Minnesota, and your overall wellbeing throughout the journey.

    • Our Mission

      The mission of Housing & Residential Life is to support and advance the mission of the University by providing outstanding on-campus housing facilities, programs, and services.

    • Our Vision

      The vision of Housing & Residential Life is to be the housing option of choice for students and summer conference guests.

    • Our Values

      • Wellbeing
      • Socially-Just 
      • Individualized Learning 
      • Specialized Needs 
      • Sustainability 
      • Safety-Conscious

    • Life In Minnesota

      Minnesota is way more than just cold and snow; it is consistently rated as one of the best places to live in America.

      Discover some of the reasons why we love Minnesota.