• Part-Time Employment

Staff Safety

Following guidance from the University's Sunrise Plan and public health officials, we are working to support our staff so they can do their work as safely as possible while maintaining proper physical distancing and other protective measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

  • Staff will be required to wear face coverings when inside and outside when distancing is difficult. (Staff will be provided with masks if needed)
  • Hand sanitizer and additional cleaning supplies will be provided in workspaces
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting will be conducted in high-touch areas such as controls, door handles, elevator panels, railings, etc.
  • Staff should conduct self-checks for fever prior to each shift and report any fever or illness to their supervisor. 
    • Office
      Assistant (OA)

      OAs provide customer support at the information desks of all residence halls/apartment complexes by distributing mail, giving tours to prospective residents, and addressing general concerns of residents.                          

    • Student Custodian

      Workers are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of residence halls and apartments. This position fosters responsibility, work ethic, and communication skills, with flexible hours that fit into busy academic schedules.

    • Computer Center Coordinator (CCC)

      Located in every computer center, CCCs offer assistance with software & hardware problems, UMN-TV & printing support and computer center maintenance. CCCs also provide occasional technical support to the hall's business staff.

    • Student Utility Worker

      Workers assist maintenance mechanics with building-wide repairs and respond to work order requests. This position fosters skills in power tool usage, team building, and communication, while also providing flexible hours.

    • Dining

      Dining Services offers a wide variety of positions that foster leadership development, team building, and work ethic. These positions offer flexible hours and provide the opportunity for pay raises and promotions.                               

    • Security
      Monitor (SM)

      SMs are employees of the University of Minnesota Police Department. They create a sense of security in our buildings by performing nighttime building rounds and observing/reporting any possible criminal activity.                                  

    • Community Advisors (CA)

      CAs are live-in student staff who build personal relationships with residents and offer them support by building a sense of community, assisting with roommate conflicts, and addressing general concerns of residents.

    • Communication & Engagement Intern (CEI)

      Communication & Engagement Interns create content for social media, provide support to residents in the Groups program, and assist in planning community events.

    • Graphic/Multimedia Design Intern

      The Graphic/Multimedia Design intern uses strong interpersonal, listening, and communication skills while expanding the HRL brand and building our community engagement.

    • Communications Intern

      The Communications Intern assists with the creation and production of high-quality, high-impact content to present a compelling image of the people, activities, and environments of HRL.

    • Summer Staff

      Provide students & guests an exceptional experience during their stay, while fostering your responsibility, work ethic, communication skills, & organizational management. Positions include: Hospitality Specialist, Hospitality Business Specialist, Student Custodian, & Student Utility Worker.

Volunteer Opportunities

Students looking for volunteer experience may be interested in the following opportunities in our residential communities. Find more ways to get involved, including student advisory boards and social justice leadership.

Health Advocates

These student volunteers are appointed as a health resource in their residence hall or apartment community in partnership with Boynton Health. Health Advocates attend an online class every Tuesday from 2:30 pm to 4:25 pm, where they are trained to respond to common health-related issues. 

Sustainability Advocates

This volunteer role calls on students who promote, inform, and educate peers on zero waste and sustainable practices within their residence hall. Gain hands-on leadership experience in partnership with the University of Minnesota Recycling Program, Office of Sustainability, and Housing & Residential Life.