• Expanded Housing

To meet guaranteed housing commitments, the University of Minnesota has arranged for alternative housing spaces referred to as “expanded housing.” Based on the number of standard residence hall/apartment complex spaces available AND the completed date of a student’s Housing Application, some students will be assigned a space in expanded housing for the fall semester. An expanded housing space is regular residence hall room that has been converted to accommodate an additional person (a single expanded to a double, a double expanded to a triple, etc.) Expanded housing is designed to be a temporary assignment, and students are moved to a permanent space as quickly as possible. Rates for expanded housing are adjusted, but once a permanent space is assigned, the resident will then be charged the rate for the permanent space. Housing & Residential Life offers assistance with cross-campus moves.

Hall # Spaces Type of Spaces Room Amenities Room Set-Up


4-Person East Wing Suites with a 5th resident

Beds, desks with chairs, and wardrobes Bunked beds
Centennial 40

Single rooms that become doubles

Beds, desks with chairs, and wardrobes Bunked beds
Comstock 27

Double rooms that become triples

Beds, desks with chairs, and wardrobes Bunked or lofted beds
Sanford 32

Triple rooms converted to quads (Tower)

Beds, desks with chairs, and wardrobes

Bunked beds



De-expansion moves are typically determined by your application date. There are certain circumstances where Housing & Residential Life will make moves out of order. Most residents who are in expanded housing will be moved to their permanent space by the end of the fall semester. Others will be reassigned by the start of the spring semester. 

Students assigned to over-capacity rooms can choose, along with their roommates, to stay in their expanded room. The hall staff will plan and schedule a meeting within the first month of the fall semester to meet with students in expanded housing. This informational meeting will explain expanded housing, the de-expansion process, and billing. If all the residents choose to remain in their expanded room, they will receive instructions on how to make their space permanent at the meeting or they can contact their Business Operations Supervisor for information.

Moving Notification

Residents will be notified by email and will have 7-10 business days to complete the move to their permanent space.

Rates for Expanded Housing

When students are assigned to expanded housing spaces, the cost is adjusted to a lower rate until the student is moved or their space is de-expanded. At the point when a permanent space is assigned, the student will be charged the regular rate for the room in which the student lives, prorated to the date of the move. For example, a student in an expanded double will be charged the “Double – Expanded” rate at the beginning of the semester. When that student is moved or when the room is de-expanded, the original charge will be prorated to the date of the move and a new prorated charge for the regular rate of the room will be posted. Students will always be charged the rate for the specific room in which they live.