• Fall 2020 Closing Guide

Updated November 24, 2020

Be well. Be prepared.

Carefully review the following information and instructions below to help you prepare. Also, view the Twin Cities Campus Winter Break Guide for more tips on returning home safely and what to expect on campus between Thanksgiving and the start of the spring semester.

The schedule for fall closing is phased, with residence hall short semester contracts checking out by November 25 and residence hall full semester contracts checking out by December 23. Apartments do not close over winter break, but apartment residents planning to be away for an extended period of time between December 24 and January 16 should submit stay dates for community safety purposes.

All community safety expectations and requirements to slow the spread of COVID-19 remain in effect. Maintain physical distancing, wear a face covering outside your room, respect elevator occupancy limits, and wash your hands often. Review additional expectations for Step Three of the Maroon & Gold Sunrise Plan and other fall semester information on the Fall 2020 FAQ.

For this reason, no helpers will be allowed inside residence halls to limit the spread of COVID-19, especially for residents who need to remain on campus. Moving carts will be available at the information desk. Residents must meet their helpers/driver outside.

Checking Out

You are responsible for completing all items on this checklist before checking out of your building. Failure to complete these items may result in costly damage or other fees. If your room has heat or other repair needs, now would be a good time to submit a Fix It Request.


  • Keep your U Card with you at all times for building access.
  • Pack all your essentials. Don't forget medications, face coverings, hand sanitizer, airline tickets, passport, phone/laptop chargers, course materials, work uniforms, and other items.
  • Discard all trash, recyclables, and perishable items.
  • Close and lock your windows.
  • Make sure curtains or blinds are fully open.
  • Unplug lamps, alarm clocks, air fresheners, etc.
  • Take home any plants and fish.
  • Turn heat to ‘auto’ & 70 degrees (17th Avenue residents only).
  • Turn off your lights and lock your door.
  • Return your keys to the Information Desk.
  • Meet your ride outside.

Have a mini-fridge? Make sure to clean and defrost your fridge at least 24 hours in advance of your departure. Remove any items inside, unplug the fridge, prop open the door, and place a towel or tray underneath it overnight to absorb any water. The next morning, wipe down any excess moisture and dry the towels or trays used in and around the fridge. We also recommend leaving the fridge door open while you are gone to allow air circulation and prevent mold and bacteria.

Building Process & Policies

Dining Services

All Residential and Dining facilities close on November 25 after lunch service (retail dining will reopen January 19, 2021). Only Pioneer Dining will reopen at 11am on Sunday, November 29 for only those with a Winter Break meal plan—all meals will be served as "grab and go" per the statewide order. Residential convenience stores will also reopen on November 29. Visit the M Dining website for full information on dining hours.

To-Go Containers

For students returning to housing in the spring
After your last meal, please clean and rinse out your container, cutlery, and tumbler. Do not leave reusable containers in your room that contain food or liquid. For food safety reasons, M Dining will not accept containers in the spring that have not been cleaned/rinsed out and you may be required to purchase a new set.

For students NOT returning to housing in the spring
During your last meal, please return your reusable items and ask an employee for single-use compostable items.

Building access

Residence Hall students will not have building access after 8:00 pm on November 25 or December 23, depending on their contract length. Keep this in mind as you are packing and be sure to take everything that you will need before your return in January.

We cannot let you back in after closing without a scheduled appointment, and there will also be a $35.00 fee.


You may borrow a moving cart from the Information Desk to help you transport your belongings. Help your neighbors and our staff by bringing your carts back to the lobby when you are finished.

Our staff will be available to answer questions and process your check-out, but they will not be able to physically help you move your belongings in order to practice physical distancing.

Information Desks

Remember to return your keys to desk staff before checking out.

The Information Desk will stop checking out equipment at noon on Monday, December 21 for those not signed up for winter break housing. You will be charged for any equipment not returned by this time. You will be able to continue to check out kitchen equipment, vacuums, and music practice room keys, but they will only be available between noon and 7:00 PM each day. Temporary room keys will be available as usual.

The desk hours over winter break are 7:00 am to midnight.


Closing is a particularly vulnerable time for tailgating (non-residents following you into the building) and theft.

Help us maintain a safe and secure building by using your U Card to access the building, not propping doors or holding doors open for others, escorting guests at all times, locking your door when you leave, and alerting building staff to people who appear to be trying to gain access.

Report unusual behaviors to the Information Desk during business hours and to the CA On Duty during the evening hours and overnight. Our staff will NOT let outside guests, including friends and family, into the building.

Health & Safety Checks

Health & Safety checks are performed each year to ensure all spaces are free of significant damage, fire, or other safety hazards. These checks are in compliance with Community Behavioral Standards.

Housing staff will enter rooms as needed for repairs, building maintenance, and to assess any damage. Be sure to move all personal items, including furniture, at least one foot away from the front of the heating unit in your room to expedite the process.

Staying Additional Nights / Returning Early

Residence hall students who need to stay additional nights beyond the end of their contract may submit a request. There may be a $35.00/night fee depending on the length of your stay. 

Students with shortened fall contracts who need to stay beyond November 28 may change to the full semester contract ending December 23. Residents may also request to stay between December 24 and January 15 for a $35 per night charge. 


As you know, parking near our halls and apartments is very limited. DO NOT bring trailers as they will not fit in the parking ramps. Remember to return carts and keys to your building to complete checkout.

Parking Details

17th Ave & Keeler

Where CAN I load my vehicle?

  • Parking meters on 17th and 18th Aves.
  • 4th St. Ramp - you can receive exit instructions at your building’s Information Desk.
  • When more move outs are scheduled, the gate arm for parking lot C58 (entrance on 18th Ave) will be lifted allowing you to enter and exit without payment.  

Where CAN’T I park to load my vehicle?

  • On the east side of 17th Ave, University Avenue or 4th Street
  • In the Keeler Garage unless you have an active parking contract for that facility. 
  • Designated No Parking areas (loading dock, Official Vehicle spaces, and the C17 staff parking spots)


Where can I load my vehicle?

  • Lot SC177 - entrance from Cleveland Ave
  • Lot SC109 - entrance from Buford Ave
  • Metered spaces near the softball field
  • The circular drive behind Bailey Hall - short term, attended vehicles only
  • Vehicles loading in this area must be diagonally-parked along the curb for no more than 15 minutes 

Where CAN’T I park to load my vehicle?

  • Any designated No Parking area
  • In any “active loading only” spot for an extended period of time
  • Do not block the fire lane or park on the grass or sidewalks


Where can I load my vehicle?

  • There is limited space in the metered lot in the front of Comstock
  • East River Road Garage - pull a ticket to enter

Where CAN’T I park to load my vehicle?

  • Anywhere along Delaware Street 
  • Contract parking lots or loading docks - including C7 and both Coffman Union loading docks
  • Any designated No Parking areas
  • In any “active loading only”  area for longer than 15 minutes


Where can I load my vehicle?

  • Contract parking lot C95
  • The metered lot along the south side of Middlebrook

Where CAN’T I park to load my vehicle?

  • Any designated No Parking area (including Official Vehicle spaces, fire lanes, and loading docks)
  • Contract lot C80 parking spaces 


There is limited street parking available surrounding the building. Please pay careful attention to posted signs and follow all City of Minneapolis regulations. 

  • The SOUTH side of 7th street is always available for parking 
  • Do not park in the Disability Loading area -- you may be towed without proper identification


Where can I load my vehicle?

  • Parking lot C43 will be available for loading

Where CAN’T I park to load my vehicle?

  • Any designated No Parking area
  • Sanford or Wilkins Hall Loading docks
  • University Avenue

Superblock: Centennial/Frontier/Pioneer/Territorial

In the interest of campus healthcare workers and patients, please DO NOT use the Hospital Ramp directly north of Centennial Hall.  

Where can I load my vehicle?

  • The metered lot between Territorial/Centennial 
  • The metered lot between Pioneer/Frontier
  • Delaware Street & Oak Street Meters
  • Oak Street Parking Ramp - pull a ticket to enter.

Where CAN’T I park to load my vehicle?

  • Contract parking lots (includes C5 and C6)
  • On Harvard Street or Fulton Street
  • The Pioneer Hall loading dock adjacent to the Frontier metered lot
  • Any other designated No Parking areas (including any loading docks)
    • Moving Out / Not Returning

      Current residents who do not intend to return to housing for the spring semester need to fill out a contract release request to be approved for move out. Students who are graduating are also required to complete this process.

      Contract release requests need to be completed by November 25 for residence halls and December 16 for apartments. Only those with approved contract releases will be approved to move out. Residents approved to move out must remove all personal belongings, turn in their keys at the Information Desk, leave a forwarding address order, and complete their checkout.

      First Class mail will be forwarded once you complete a change of address form online.

    • Finals Week

      For those staying on campus through the end of the semester, buildings will begin daily 22-hour “quiet hours” starting Wednesday, December 16 at 11:00 pm through the end of the semester. Quiet hours are in place during finals week and study days so that all residents can have an environment conducive to high academic achievement. Residents are expected to keep the noise level in their room to a minimum (noise not heard through the door). Loud music and talking in the hallways will also not be permitted. Staff will be vigilant in enforcing these policies.

      Quiet hours will be lifted from 5:00 – 7:00 pm every day and “courtesy hours” will be in effect. During courtesy hours, it is expected that individuals will respect the needs of others for quiet study.