• Foundation for Success

The fundamental philosophy of the University residence halls/apartment complexes is that students grow and develop while they live in University housing. To help students achieve their personal and academic goals and become well-rounded individuals, we begin by meeting their basic needs by providing comfortable, well-maintained living environments and nutritious food. The University housing community and its staff provide appropriate challenges and support to enable student growth and development. Foundation for Success provides a framework for the interactions and education offered to students who live in University housing. Learning outcomes focus on the whole person and support academic success.


  • Each student will do what they do best every day.
  • Each student will have strong and positive relationships.
  • Each student will make healthy and sustainable choices.
  • Each student will have an inclusive and engaged community experience.
  • Each student will make sound financial decisions.


These learning outcomes will be implemented through planned interactions and educational initiatives designed to engage the student in their learning. All community members are responsible for establishing safe, inclusive, and socially-just communities.