• Lease Information

Your Campus Rentals Lease

Campus Rentals tenants are required to fill out a Townhouse Condition Form within the first 48 hours of moving in. Leaseholder must contact the Housing Properties Coordinator within 48 hours of move-in to officially check-in and verify the Townhouse Condition Form, 612-625-1969.

Occupancy Requirements

Campus Rentals units may be occupied by no more than two unrelated adults. All residents must be students at the University of Minnesota. Please refer to the previous Eligibility section for further details. Contact information must be provided on the Emergency Contact Form for each resident. It is the responsibility of the Leaseholder to ensure that the contact information is accurate and up to date. The leaseholder may select their own roommates, and the division of rental amounts must be done in a fair and equitable manner. If residents are absent from the unit for more than 30 days, the lease will be immediately terminated. The sublease of a Campus Rentals unit is prohibited.

Unit Transfer Policy

Campus Rentals leaseholders may request to transfer from one unit to another. Transfer requests must be made in writing. Housing & Residential Life will consider reasonable transfer requests that do not interfere with new tenant placement and/or maintenance operations. If Housing & Residential Life approves a leaseholder’s transfer request, that leaseholder will be charged an $800.00 transfer fee at the time the transfer takes place. Unit transfers that are initiated by Housing & Residential Life are exempt from this fee.

Vacating Procedures

An "Intent to Vacate" form must be filed with Housing & Residential Life at least 60 days prior to the tenant's intended date of leaving. This requirement applies whether a tenant moves out before the lease expires or at the end of the lease term. Only written and signed vacate notices will be accepted. An improper checkout fee of $50.00 will be charged to any unit that fails to comply with the vacating procedures. Campus Rentals tenants are not eligible for relocation benefits.

A reasonable amount of wear and tear is expected on the units and will not be charged to the tenant, however, any unusual breakage, damage, or cleaning will be charged to the tenant. We expect to check each new tenant into a Campus Rentals unit that is in near perfect condition. We need the cooperation of each outgoing tenant so that the rates may be kept at a minimum. Unusual damage and breakage will be assessed by comparison with the original check-in sheet. Unusual repairs would include but not be limited to: replacing broken window glass, missing light bulbs, missing or broken appliance parts, repairing marks & holes, or other extraordinary damage to walls, floors ceiling, or fixtures. Expenses incurred for damaged locks, lost keys or replacement of locks necessitated by the tenant’s negligence or failure to return keys will be charged to the Campus Rentals tenant upon check-out.

Outgoing tenants are expected to thoroughly clean all walls, floors, woodwork, and appliances. There will be a cleaning charge if this work is not done by the tenants prior to vacating the unit. Please do not wax the floors; the University prefers to do this.

When vacating your Campus Rentals unit, you will need to contact the Housing Operations Coordinator (612-624-1969) to arrange a time and date for your pre-move-out inspection. You will also need to contact the Housing Properties Coordinator to arrange a time and date for your final move-out inspection. At the time of the move-out inspection, your unit should be clear of furniture and personal belongings. You will turn in your unit keys at this time.

If you have questions about proper vacating procedures, do not hesitate to contact Housing & Residential Life at 612-625-2121. Be sure to terminate your utility arrangements with Xcel Energy 1-800-895-4999 (electricity), CenterPoint Energy 612-372-4720 (gas), Comcast Cable, or CenturyLink (telephone) effective the day you vacate. Transfer the gas and electricity service back into the name of “U of M Housing & Residential Life.”

Emergency Issues - Severe Weather

Severe Weather Watch

A severe weather watch means that conditions are right for severe weather to develop rapidly, even if the sky seems clear. You do not need to cancel plans, but watch the skies, and be ready to act if the weather deteriorates.

Severe Weather Warning

A severe weather warning signifies that severe weather is happening now! The National Weather Service will sound the sirens in the event of tornado warnings, but not in the event of other severe storms. In the case of severe weather, we encourage you to seek refuge in your basement away from exterior windows.

Siren warnings

In general, civil defense sirens are used to signal the approach of tornadoes. These sirens are tested at 1:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. When you hear a civil defense siren, (other than on the first Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.) you should seek refuge from severe weather in your basement away from exterior windows. You should also turn on your radio or television, or check the internet to obtain detailed information about the severe weather conditions.

In emergency situations, dial 911 or if using a cell phone, call the University of Minnesota Police at 612-624-2677.