• First-Year LLCs

  • At Home In MN

    If this is your first time living in Minnesota, this is the LLC for you.

  • American Indian Cultural House

    The American Indian Cultural House (AICH) is a Living Learning Community for first year students with American Indian heritage, or who are interested in learning more about Amer

  • Biology House

    Do you want to be surrounded by others who love biology just as much as you do?

  • Carlson House

    Get business done and have fun along the way while living with your Carlson peers!


    Connect with Latinas and Latinos by living in the lively CASA SOL community.

  • CEHD Community House LLC

    Connect with CEHD students who want to improve the lives of others in many different ways!

  • Charlotte’s Home for Black Women

    Building community, breaking barriers, and connecting with first-year & second-year black women in this LLC.

  • CSE Taylor House

    Launch your College of Science and Engineering career here!

  • Design House

    Join other creative first year students and design something awesome in the Design House.

  • Environment House

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to connect with others who love sustainability as much as you do?

  • Explore House

    Unsure about your major? Join our community to explore the U of M’s 140+ majors with other students and find your academic home!

  • German, Scandinavian, and Dutch House

    Be a part of this language-focused LLC and practice your language skills with other students.

  • Greek Unity House

    Join other students who are interested in also “going Greek” their first year!

  • Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives

    Be surrounded by others who also prioritize their wellbeing and want to achieve health-related goals.

  • Honors Residential Community

    Invited to be in the University Honors Program? Join your fellow Honors Program classmates and enjoy the benefits this LLC has to offer.

  • La Casa De Español

    Do you want to practice your Spanish in a real-life context with other students who are passionate about language learning? If so, join La Casa De Español!

  • La Maison Française

    Do you want to practice your French in a real-life context with other students who are passionate about language learning? If so, join La Maison Française!

  • Pre-Vet House

    Are you a future veterinarian or current animal-enthusiast? Do you want to live with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for animals?

  • ROTC House

    Do you want to serve your country after graduation? Are you interested in living in a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for service?

  • Social Justice Action

    Join your peers and learn more about social justice in this knowledge-filled LLC.

  • Students Crossing Borders

    Make friends with students from all over the world and learn about different cultures!

  • TRIO Multicultural LLC

    A vibrant multicultural community of scholars, leaders, and change-agents.

  • Tsev Hmoob

    Are you interested in Hmong issues and intercultural learning? If so, then the Tsev Hmoob Living Learning Community is perfect for you! 

  • West Bank Arts House

    Join in on all of the artistic and social opportunities the West Bank Art House has to offer!

    Are you artsy? Join us in Middlebrook Hall!

  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    If you are a motivated woman in the College of Science and Engineering, consider joining us in WISE!