German, Scandinavian, and Dutch House

Be a part of this language-focused LLC and practice your language skills with other students.

Do you want to practice your German, Scandinavian, or Dutch language in a real-life context with other students who are passionate about language learning? If so, join the German, Scandinavian, and Dutch House! We are a language-focused community that welcomes anyone interested in learning or maintaining their German, Scandinavian, or Dutch language skills. The house allows students to incorporate their language skills into academic, professional, and personal development. Here, you will have opportunities to participate in study groups and events with faculty conducted in your language of interest. This is a great chance to reap the benefits of close cooperation with the various language departments that work with this house, as well as the various language clubs on campus. 

This house is located in Middlebrook Hall with other language-focused communities: La Casa De Español and La Maison Française. Contact the LLC sponsor, Department of German, Scandinavian & Dutch, at or 612-625-2080.