• Marketing in the Halls

General Guidelines for All Requests

  • Any/all marketing must be in alignment with the University's Equal Opportunity Statement.
  • No alcohol or tobacco solicitation is allowed.
  • In the marketing request email, please include the preferred target date of marketing and a contact name/phone number.
  • Please limit marketing events to one per semester, per type.
  • Complete instructions for each type of marketing are listed in the sections below.

Questions? Please call 612-625-2121 or email reslife@umn.edu.

What information are you looking for?

External Organizational Access Procedures

Bulletin Boards

All residence halls/apartment complexes have open-posting bulletin boards and information tables in the lobby for non-University businesses and organizations. Addresses and contact information are listed under the "Halls & Apartments" tab at the top of this page. Housing & Residential Life cannot sell or distribute addresses (including email addresses) to non-University businesses and organizations.

Instructions for bulletin board content:

  • Mail or drop off ONE 8.5 x 11 inch flyer at the information desk of each building.
  • After hall staff approval, the flyers will be posted by staff members based on available bulletin board space.
  • Typically, flyers will stay up for 2-4 weeks, depending on the quantity of other flyers and demand for bulletin board space.

Information Tables

All residence halls/apartment complexes have an information table where businesses and organizations may place brochures, flyers, and business cards at the discretion of hall staff. Please drop off brochures, flyers, and business cards at the building's information desk. Typically, information tables are cleared of all content on a semesterly basis (twice a year).

Mailing through the U.S. Post Office

If you choose to send mailers, you must list the room number or mailbox number in the address. We do not supply this information. All generically addressed items will be "returned to sender."

Questions & Contact Information

If you represent a business or organization external to the University of Minnesota and have questions regarding marketing within Housing & Residential Life, please contact:

Katie Olson, Assistant Director of Communications/Marketing (612-624-0656)

Other Guidelines

Political Solicitation Policy for Housing & Residential Life

Student Government Election Guidelines for University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Colleges, Departments & Currently Registered Student Groups

Digital Signage (University Department Only)

Advertising via the in-hall digital signage is an effective and sustainable means of reaching students living in the residence halls/apartment complexes.

All digital signage requests must follow the Housing & Residential Life visual standard.

Requests for digital signage should be emailed to reslife@umn.edu at least two weeks prior to the date your posting should be active. Along with your digital signage file, please include the main contact person's name and email, as well as the date range you would like your signage to be active. Submissions that do not include contact information will not be posted. At this time, we are not accepting digital signage from student groups.

You will be contacted if there are any questions or issues with your signage.

Information Tables

Each building has an information table where groups and departments may place brochures, flyers, and business cards at the discretion of hall staff. Please drop off brochures, flyers, and business cards at the building's information desk. Typically, these areas are cleared of all content on a semesterly basis (twice a year).

In-Person Tabling

This option is available for groups outside of the residence hall/apartment complex communities. To review policies and make a reservation, please visit ReserveIt.

Campus Mail to Residents

  • Label quantities for residence halls/apartment complexes range from 6500-7300 (Cannot send to Radius residents). Email your document proof with your label purchase request to reslife@umn.edu. Include all necessary information with your request. Prior approval and quantity request will save on printing quantities.
  • The department or currently registered student group name must be shown on the document.
  • All label purchases for registered student groups must come directly from the group's listed student officer. 
  • A proof of the postcard must be emailed to reslife@umn.edu for approval before printing, approximately two weeks before your mailing request. Please send the proof as a PDF.
  • The administrative cost to purchase labels for all halls is $275. The purchase of labels for an individually-selected hall is $50, the female or male-only option is $150, and the first-year-student-only option is $200. Labels are picked up at the Housing & Residential Life office located in Comstock Hall - East. 
  • Checks for labels (written out to the University of Minnesota) must be dropped off at the time of pick-up. Departments may use an EFS account number to cover costs. Please include this information with your original request. 
  • Purchased labels will be placed on marketing materials by the purchaser. If printing is done through U of M Printing Services, we send the label data directly to Addressing & Mailing. Please supply a print job number and EFS account number for our reference. We will not send data without both codes. 
  • Labels must be used for the requested mailer and cannot be saved for future mailings.
  • Labeled cards must be sent in bundles through Campus Mail.
  • The Campus Mail process does not require postage.

Posters for Hall CAs to Display

  • Due to large amounts of posting requests, University Department advertisements are prioritized over Student Organization advertisements. Final decision to post will be made by hall staff. Posters are displayed on CA bulletin boards and main lobby bulletin boards when space is available.
  • Housing & Residential Life does not charge to use this option. 
  • Please deliver 8.5 x 11-inch posters (179 total), separated and labeled with the following quantities to the Housing & Residential Life central office located in Comstock Hall - East.
Hall # of Posters
Bailey 14
Centennial 20
Comstock 17
Frontier 20
Keeler 5
Middlebrook 17
Pioneer 18
Radius 12
Sanford 14
17th Ave. 15
Territorial 19
Wilkins 4
Yudof 13