• Marketing to residents

General guidelines

Housing & Residential Life views the halls and apartments as a home and is protective of resident privacy. Soliciting or conducting business in a residence hall/apartment complex, including from within a room or apartment unit, is not permitted. This includes approaching students with products, sliding information under doors, stopping students in common areas, calling students, etc.

Details for external organizations, University units, currently registered U of M student groups is listed below. All options are subject to change in support of community safety and security.

University Units & Registered Student Groups

Digital Signage

Digital Signage (University units only)

Advertising via digital signage in our buildings is an effective and sustainable way to share your information. At this time, we are not accepting digital signage from student groups.

  • All digital signage requests must follow the Housing & Residential Life visual standard.
  • Requests for digital signage should be submitted to [email protected] at least two weeks prior to the requested posting date.
  • Requests must include digital files, complete contact information, and the date range you would like your signage to be active.

Questions? Please call 612-625-2121 or email [email protected]

Information Tables

Information Tables

Each building has an information table where University departments or groups may place brochures, flyers, and business cards at the discretion of Housing staff. Drop off brochures, flyers, and business cards at the building's information desk. These areas are cleared of all content each semester or more often as needed.

Questions? Please call 612-625-2121 or email [email protected]

Postcards & Mailers

Campus Mail to Residents

The department or registered student group name must be clearly visible on the mailer. Email a PDF copy and label purchase request to [email protected] two weeks before your desired mailing date. Include complete contact information and your department or student group website. If applicable, you must also submit an EFS account number and U of M Printing Services job number. Requests for currently registered student groups must come directly from the group's listed student officer. 

  • Purchased labels will be placed on marketing materials by the purchaser. If printing is done through U of M Printing Services, HRL sends label data directly to Addressing & Mailing. 
  • Labeled mailers must be sent in bundles through Campus Mail (this process does not require postage).
  • The cost to purchase labels for all halls is $275 (or $50 per individual building). The cost to mailings to specific gender groups is $150; first-year-students-only is $200. 
  • Checks (written out to the University of Minnesota) must be dropped off at the time of pick-up if you do not have a department EFS account. 
  • Labels must be used for the requested mailer and cannot be saved or duplicated for future mailings.

Questions? Please call 612-625-2121 or email [email protected]


Bulletin Boards

Due to the high volume of requests, University department requests are prioritized over student organizations. Prior approval is required and postings are installed on bulletin boards as space is available. Questions? Please call 612-625-2121 or email [email protected]

There is no charge for approved postings. Deliver 8.5 x 11-inch posters (179 total), separated and labeled with the following quantities to the Housing & Residential Life central office located in Comstock Hall - East. 

17th Ave - 15
Bailey - 14
Centennial - 20
Comstock - 17
Frontier - 20
Keeler - 5
Middlebrook - 17
Pioneer - 18
Radius - 12
Sanford - 14
Territorial - 19
Wilkins - 4
Yudof - 13

External Organizations

All our communities have open-posting bulletin boards and information tables in the lobby for non-University businesses and organizations. Housing & Residential Life cannot sell or distribute addresses (including email addresses) to non-University businesses and organizations. Questions? please contact Andria Waclawski, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at [email protected].

Bulletin Boards

  • Mail or drop off ONE 8.5 x 11 inch flyer at the information desk of each building.

  • After hall staff approval, the flyers will be posted by staff members based on available bulletin board space.

  • Typically, flyers will stay up for 2-4 weeks, depending on the number of other flyers and demand for bulletin board space.

Information Tables

Each building has an information table for brochures, flyers, and business cards. These are placed at the discretion of Housing staff. Please drop off print copies at the building's information desk. Tables are cleared of all content on a semesterly basis or more as needed.


If you choose to send mailers via the U.S. Postal Service, you must list the room number or mailbox number in the address. We do not supply this information. All generically addressed items will be "returned to sender."

Candidates & Campaigns

Political Solicitation Policy - Housing & Residential Life

Student Government Election Guidelines -- Updated policy pending due to COVID-19

Filming & Photography

Due to community safety measures regarding COVID-19, Housing & Residential Life is not approving filming or photography requests at this time. Contact [email protected].with questions or visit the University's policy page for additional information.