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MLK Beloved Community

Are you interested in a community rooted in Reverend Dr. MLK Jr's ideals around equity, inclusion and civil rights? Then this LLC might be perfect for you!

Come be a part of the MLK Beloved Community Living Learning Community, which provides a home and support for MLK Program students, no matter what your identity is. Join the collective!
Students living within the Beloved Community will have the opportunity to engage in exceptional high-impact experiences geared towards establishing lifelong relationships while participating in programs and activities geared at their development as future campus and community leaders.
MLK’s Beloved Community will provide a collaborative experience for residents between other LLCs that have missions that align with the mission of the LLC. Scholars will also have the chance to participate in such activities as the MLK 1001 and 2001 First Year Seminars and the Martin Luther King Jr. Immersion Experience as well as other programs and events sponsored by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Program.

“There is another element that must be present in our struggle that then makes our resistance and nonviolence truly meaningful. That element is reconciliation. Our ultimate end must be the creation of the beloved community”
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - April 15, 1960, in Raleigh, North Carolina

This community is open to first-year residents.