• Pillsbury Court Repairs & Maintenance

Cleaning - Tenant's Responsibility

It is your responsibility to keep your townhouse clean and tidy. Tenants should vacuum carpets and sweep floors weekly, and clean the kitchen surfaces daily. If you are unable to keep the townhouse clean, you may hire a reputable cleaning company. You are responsible for providing access to the cleaning company.


The refrigerators are self-defrosting and need very little maintenance. If there is ice buildup, do not chip at the accumulated ice with a pick, sharp knives, etc. Submit a Fix It request if the freezer or refrigerator is not working properly.

Cooking Stove

Reasonable care will keep the porcelain enamel stove looking new. Once its luster has been dulled, it cannot be restored. It is advisable to wipe off the enamel on the range with a soft damp cloth when the stove is still warm, but NOT HOT. If further cleaning is necessary, wait until the stove is cool. Wash with a mild soap, rinse with clean water and dry as you would a dish. NEVER use abrasive cleansers on enamel. Be sure to wash the burner trays and drip pans under the burners regularly. The broiler pan should be removed from the oven and cleaned after each use. Absorb any cooking fat with a paper towel, and put the broiling pan to soak in warm soapy water. The broiler pan will then wash easily.

To clean under or behind the stove, contact Housing Facilities and ask to have the stove disconnected. An appointment will be made at your convenience.

Sink, Tub, and Toilet

The sinks, tub, and toilet should be cleaned regularly. Mild detergents or high quality, non-gritty powders are the only cleansing agents which should be used on the sinks and tub. Toilet brand cleaners should only be used in the toilet. Follow the directions on the label. Gritty powders or acids should NEVER be used on any bathroom surface.

If there is a slow drain, try to clean out the drain using a small plastic Zip-It (http://zipitclean.com/). Never use a chemical drain cleaner on anything. The chemical drain cleaners will ruin the plumbing pipes, and they are horrible for the environment. If a drain is still slow after using the Zip-It, please put in a Fix It request.


All repairs (e.g. unclogging drains, replacing a faulty outlet, etc.) must be performed by University staff. If something is broken or not functioning in your townhouse or on the property, please submit a Fix It equest as described next.

Online Repair Requests (Fix It)

Tenants should complete a Fix It request, located at: http://www.housing.umn.edu/fixit. In the form, Tenants should provide contact information and a brief description of the repair needed. We ask that only the faculty and staff living with us complete these requests and not their family members. Tenant's submission of the Fix It request authorizes the University to enter the Premises for purpose of making repairs requested by Tenant and serves as University's notice of entry as required under Minnesota Stat. § 504B.211.

Emergency repair situations must be called in immediately. Use the call down information provided to you at check-in. Your call-in authorizes the University to enter the Premises for purpose of making the requested repairs and serves as University's notice of entry as required under Minnesota Stat. § 504B.211.

Weekends & Holidays, After Hours - 612-490-5227 (maintenance on call)
Facilities Supervisor, office: 612-624-0987 -- cell: 612-490-5561
Housing Coordinator, office: 612-624-1969 -- cell: 612-490-5591

Routine Maintenance

The University reserves the right to enter an apartment at reasonable hours for inspection or for routine maintenance (e.g. changing furnace filters, checking smoke detectors, etc.). Tenants will be given 48 hours' notice when routine maintenance will be conducted. The University also reserves the right to remove any alterations or additions to the townhouse which are in violation of the tenant's lease or conditions of occupancy, and to charge the tenant for such removal. If any maintenance or repair to the townhouse or equipment is caused by a tenant's carelessness or negligence, the tenant will be charged.

The following is an example of items for which tenants would be charged (for either repair or removal):

  • Excessive cleaning by University staff upon move-out.
  • Unplugging a drain or toilet that has been clogged due to negligence: food, foreign objects, paint, grease, etc.
  • Locked out, misplaced or lost keys. Please contact the Wilkins Hall desk to borrow a key for initial entry. This key must be returned immediately. Place an online repair request (Fix It) to have new keys made.
  • Replacing a lost key(s). Charges will be applied to re-core the door lock as well as for the replacement keys.
  • Replacing a lost parking permit tag.
  • Nails, tacks, bolts or screws in the walls, doors, casings, floor or ceilings. If you wish to hang a heavy object such as a mirror, contact Housing Maintenance. They will help you locate a stud or beam that will support it and help you hang it, at no charge.
  • "Scotch" tape, masking tape or other adhesive materials. These articles can leave marks, which can neither be washed off nor covered with paint.
  • Removal of wallpaper or other stick-tight material like decals or stickers.

Furnaces, Air Conditioners & Smoke Detectors

Housing & Residential Life and University Facilities Management staff maintain and service Pillsbury Court furnaces, air conditioners and smoke detectors. Air conditioners are serviced as necessary. Smoke detectors are checked and furnace filters are changed on a semester basis. Notifications are sent to tenants 48 hours in advance when this work will take place.