• Room Reservation Guidelines

The person reserving the room assumes all responsibility toward University and Housing & Residential Life policies.

  • Any person involved in an incident that is not an assigned occupant of the building, apartment, room, or suite where the incident occurs will be deemed a "guest."
  • Residents are responsible for the activities that occur in their room/apartment and shared living spaces. Therefore, residents are expected to properly secure their living area(s) at all times. All assigned occupants of an apartment, room, or suite may be subject to the same behavioral repercussions as the actual violators, including sanctions if found responsible for violation(s).
  • Residents are responsible for ensuring that all guests know and behave consistently with housing regulations. Residents are responsible for the conduct/behavior of their guest(s) while in the residence halls/apartment complexes.
  • All guests must be escorted at all times and should not be unaccompanied in the room/apartment without prior approval of the roommate(s). Guests may be asked to leave at any time. 
  • Residents are responsible for cleaning the space when they are done. Failure to clean the space may result in a damage charge and revocation of access to future room reservations and use.
  • Events that are not allowed include, but are not limited to any event involving the sale of a product or outside fundraising, auctions, food competitions, or any type of gambling. Residents may not collect admission for any event.