Students on move-in day

What to Bring

For residence halls and apartments

Think about how you might want to personalize your space and talk with roommates in advance to decide what shared items you will each bring such as large items or certain electronics. 

Don’t bring too much and think sustainably. Leave yourself room to assess, add, and edit once you’ve got your essentials in place. Try packing with reusable bins or laundry baskets to reduce waste and consider making a list of items to purchase once you've settled in to streamline your move.

What's in your room

Essentials and suggestions

Prohibited Items

🚫 Appliances with open heating elements are not allowed in residence halls, including electric grills, toasters, hotplates. See "Kitchen & Appliances" above for more.

🚫 Alcohol or alcohol containers

🚫 Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and hookahs

🚫 Tobacco and electronic cigarettes (may be stored but not used on campus)

🚫 Firearms, weapons, fireworks/explosives

🚫 Candles, incense, and electric fireplace

🚫 Pets (fish in up to a 10 gallon tank are permitted)

🚫 Wireless routers

🚫 Air conditioners

🚫 Space heaters and electric dryers

🚫 Halogen lamps

🚫 Hoverboards

University ReUse

The ReUse Program is aimed at reducing waste generated by students moving at the beginning and end of each semester. When students move out in the spring, they are encouraged to donate things they no longer need. 

Donated items are also available at the University’s ReUse Program warehouse. Check out the warehouse before purchasing new items such as futons, furniture and refrigerators.

More at ReUse Self-Help Guide

Renter's Insurance

The University does not provide insurance for your personal property. Remember to check your or your family's homeowner’s insurance information to see if your personal items are covered. If not, you may want to speak with your provider about purchasing renter’s insurance.

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