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Directions & Parking

Move-In 2021

We ask all residents and their helpers to plan for a 45-minute move (from your vehicle to your room) to reduce congestion in lobbies, elevators, and stairwells. You can take extra time to set up your room, but be mindful that vehicles must be moved into long-term parking and many other families will need those spaces throughout the day. Read complete Move-In Instructions.

Residents should immediately proceed to the building lobby to check-in and for further instructions while their helpers move their vehicle to nearby parking. 

You may bring your own handcart or dolly, but DO NOT bring a trailer or over-sized vehicle due to high traffic and limited parking.

Follow the specific directions to arrive, unload, and park below.

Directions By Building

Twin Cities Road Construction

Numerous area construction projects may delay your travel to campus. We recommend looking at the MNDOT website in advance, and considering alternate routes such as I-35W southbound or Highway 280 instead of I-94 through downtown Minneapolis.  

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Move-In Guide
Our team prides itself on a safe and efficient move-in process. Carefully review instructions and tips to take some of the pressure off of your next big move.
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What to Bring
Don’t bring too much and think sustainably. Leave yourself room to assess, add, and edit once you’ve got your essentials in place.
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Student Jobs
Find part-time student positions with flexible scheduling and more.