• Keeler Internet

Keeler provides one wired ethernet internet per resident. WiFi is not provided in Keeler, so a WiFi access point (AP) is recommended.

Wired Ethernet Setup

Simply connect your device to the wall jack with an Ethernet cable to begin using the service.

WiFi Setup

Unlike all our other buildings, Keeler residents are allowed (and encouraged) to bring their own WiFi AP. We recommend using only one WiFi AP and contacting your roommates prior to move-in to determine this. The more WiFi APs, the more likely they will interfere with each other and cause performance degradation for everyone. For the best wireless performance, we recommend a WiFi AP that supports 802.11ac - the latest, fastest & most secure WiFi standard.


By accessing internet at Keeler, you are agreeing to the acceptable use and policy agreement (check back soon).

Need Assistance?

If you are experiencing problems, submit a Fix It request. You can also call Technology Help at 612-301-4357 (1-HELP).