• Hall Labs & Tech Lounges

All residence halls and apartment complexes have computer centers and some have tech lounges too, most of which are accessible with your U Card 24 hours a day. The computer centers are equipped with desktop computers (both PCs and Macs), a scanner, a black and white laser printer, and other peripherals that vary by location. Computer centers also include WiFi and power outlets for laptop usage. Computer Center Coordinators (CCCs) are available in the computer centers 7 hours a week. Hours are posted in each lab, indicating times when residents can visit the CCC to ask questions about the center or about their own computer.

Software Available in Hall Tech Lounges

There are many programs installed on the computers in the tech lounges that are free to be used for classwork. Additional programs may not be installed on the computers. If you need software for class that is not available on the tech lounge computers, you may be able to install it on your own computer.

The computers in the tech lounges include the following pre-installed software:

Computer Center Use

By entering the computer center, you have agreed to accept all of the following computer policies:

  • Care for the computer center, since it is part of your home. Keep the computers and work surfaces clean. Food and beverages are not allowed in the center.
  • Be kind to the computer equipment. We have a limited budget for repairs, replacement of broken machines, and stolen parts. Don’t tamper with the locks on the machines.
  • Help keep the computers in working order. Do not change any configurations or setups on the computers.
  • Save your files to the University’s file storage space, a cloud storage service, or on your USB flash drive. Do not save anything directly to the computers.
  • Academic users come first. Non-academic users will be asked to leave if a computer is needed for coursework. The computer center is not to be used for online gambling, viewing pornography, copying copyrighted materials, or engaging in other non-academic activities.

Need Help?

If you are experiencing Internet problems, submit a Fix It request. You can also call Technology Help at 612-301-4357 (1-HELP). Account misuse can be reported to abuse@umn.edu.