• ResNet User Agreement

Below is a copy of the ResNet user agreement that all residents must agree to in order to access the University network.

I wish to utilize the computer network in the residence halls/apartments of Housing & Residential Life. In order to be connected to this network, I have read and agree to the University's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy along with the following rules relating to the use of my computer (or of anyone using my computer) during the current academic year.

I agree:

  • To maintain a current version of an anti-virus software on my computer.
  • To maintain my computer following best practices (e.g., maintain strong passwords, security patches, operating system and software updates, AntiVirus software, software firewall).
  • Not to make unauthorized use of another individual’s identification or password.
  • Not to conduct or solicit business.
  • Not to violate copyright restrictions (e.g., sharing copyrighted music, videos, etc.).
  • Not to scan the University or Internet hosts, connections or IP numbers.
  • Not to use the connection and the computer as a server (e.g., music, video, peer to peer, ftp, and other anonymous file sharing programs that share with others are servers). ResNet is provided as a limited capacity, single-user service only - one jack/IP per user.
  • Not to use anonymous file sharing or anonymous access to the network. (Strong passwords or other authentication is required.)
  • Not to extend the University network by using WiFi access points (base stations).
  • To follow recommended guidelines for using gaming consoles.

*This list is meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive.

At its discretion, the University may use its capabilities to examine networked devices and resources for violations of the University policies and rules above.

I also understand that as a resident I must abide by the Housing & Residential Life Residence Hall Regulations.

I recognize that violations of these regulations may result in the revocation of my privilege to use the ethernet jack/computer network and that Housing & Residential Life is not responsible for any losses that I may incur as a result of a revocation due to my actions.