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    The Roomie Awards

The Roomie Awards are a fun competition between University of Minnesota students currently living in university housing. To enter, submit one photo of your room and upload it using the form below. Submit only one entry per room. Prizes will be distributed among all roommates who participate.


Submissions are accepted from 10/10/18 - 10/24/18. 

Winners will be announced on 10/26/18.


    • Goldy Spirit Award

      Your walls scream “Ski-U-Mah” as loud as you do.

      Prize: $50 Target Giftcard 

    • Minimalist Award

      This room is beautifully minimal. Maybe a plant to complement your white walls. Maybe.

      Prize: $50 Target Giftcard

    • Efficient Space Award

      The room uses every square inch of space to its advantage. Tetris masters, we’re looking at you.

      Prize: $50 Target Giftcard

    • Con-clean-iality Award

      This room is clean and shiny, and you definitely didn’t clean it right before snapping the photo you submitted. We’re on to you... 

      Prize: $50 Target Giftcard

    • Night and Day Award

      This room has the most contrast between its two halves. Likely shared between two people, it has two very clear themes going on at once.

      Prize: $50 Target Giftcard 

All participants will be considered for the following: 

Best Decorated: Grand Prize
This room has the best aesthetic appeal of all rooms. Full of cool decorations, it makes others say “Wow, your room is simply amazing.” 
Prize: $200 food party for you and your friends from a restaurant of your choosing.

Hall Drawing
Everyone who enters from the hall with the highest number of submissions overall will be entered in this random drawing.
Prize: Google Home


Upon submitting your photo, you will be asked to select up to three award categories that best fit your room. The categories are described above; review them before submitting.