• Responding to Emergencies

Fire Alarms

When the fire alarm sounds, residents are required to leave the area in alarm at once using the nearest stairwell exit.

In the event of a fire:

  1. Call 911 to report the fire.
  2. Close your door as you leave.
  3. Evacuate and stay clear of the fire.

Evacuation From Fire Areas

  1. Feel door from top to bottom. If it is hot, do not proceed.
  2. If door is cool, crouch low and open door slowly. Close door quickly if heavy smoke or fire is present.
  3. If visibility permits, exit via stairwells. Stay as low as possible if smoky conditions exist (crawl if necessary).
  4. Never use elevators! You may become trapped.
  5. If you encounter heavy smoke in a stairwell, go back and go down another set of stairs.
  6. If trapped in a room, do the following:
  • If possible, call 911 and report your situation and location.
  • Wedge wet towels or clothing under the door jam to keep smoke out.
  • Keep a soaked towel over your head.
  • Stay low. Breathe fresh air near a window.
  • Open the window and signal with a bed sheet to firefighters.

False Alarms

Activating the fire alarm under false pretenses or tampering with alarm and life safety equipment is a violation of state and local law. It is viewed as disregarding the safety and rights of others. Criminal action, as well as disciplinary action, will be taken against individuals who violate this policy. Any student found tampering will be assessed a $100 fee.

Tampering With Fire & Life Safety Equipment

Tampering with, unnecessary use or misuse of, or removal of a fire extinguisher or fire alarm equipment, including smoke detectors and sprinklers, and automated external defibrillators will result in serious disciplinary action since such acts may endanger the lives and safety of others.

Tampering or damaging sprinklers are expensive. Avoid hanging objects or hitting the fire sprinklers.

Severe Storms & Tornadoes

Be alert for these signs—generally from March through September:

  • severe thunderstorms with frequent lightning
  • power failure
  • heavy rain
  • hail
  • strong straight-line winds
  • roaring noise
  • funnel clouds

A warning indicates that a severe storm has been sighted or detected by radar and may be approaching. Sirens will sound.

If you hear sirens sounding:

  1. Seek shelter immediately in the lower levels of the building, or an internal hall/apartment way, and away from windows.
  2. Use only stairwells. Do not use elevators. Remain in sheltered area until the local authorities sound the clear signal and the hall/apartment staff indicates that it’s okay to return to your room.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs are life-saving devices to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest. AEDs are located in the lobby areas of all of the residence halls and apartments.