Sorority Unity Housing

Sorority Unity Housing

Join other students who are also interested in fraternity and sorority life in their first year!


Sorority Unity House

A community of first-year students with an interest in joining one of our community’s 21 sororities, the Sorority Unity LLC supports students as they explore membership in a sorority and engage within that community.

In addition to exploring membership, students will benefit from access to events and programs that promote wellness and building effective networks, as well as identify opportunities for future involvement in both their sorority and the greater campus community.  With representation from multiple sororities, students will share best practices and build networks that transcend individual chapters and unlock new opportunities.

Fourteen sororities are affiliated with the Panhellenic Council and eleven participate in a formal recruitment process at the start of the fall semester.  Four sororities affiliated with the Multicultural Greek Council and three sororities affiliated with the National Pan-Hellenic Council do intake in the fall and spring semesters.

This community is located in 17th Avenue Residence Hall on the East Bank.