My Responsibilities

The focus of my work, first and foremost, is to ensure all residential students, including students from underrepresented backgrounds, live in socially just and inclusive residential communities. In collaboration with departmental colleagues, campus partners and our students, we innovate to create and implement social justice training and development initiatives in order to prepare our staff teams to meet student needs by intentionally considering their individual identities backgrounds.

Where I Can Help

-Identity-based Student Support
-Bias Incident Intervention
-Campus & Residence Hall Climate

Educational Background

Ph.D. Higher Education (In Progress), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
M.A . Higher Education Administration, New York University
B.A. University of Texas-Austin

My Favorite Quote/Motto/Personal Philosophy

"Be open to the evolution of self-discovery when the world has its say and controls the circumstances." - A great mentor

Gender Pronouns