• West Bank Townhouse Repairs & Maintenance

The University is responsible for maintaining the premises and its equipment. Tenants should make a Fix It request if you have a maintenance problem. (See the following section on Fix It and submitting a work order request). The University reserves the right to enter a unit at reasonable hours for inspection or for maintenance and repairs. Residents will be provided 48 hours notice when routine maintenance of any kind will be done on the unit. If any maintenance or repair to the premises or equipment is caused by a tenant’s carelessness or negligence, the tenant will be charged.

The following is an example of items for which tenants would be charged (for either repair or removal):

  • Excessive cleaning by facilities staff upon move out
  • Unplugging a drain or toilet that has been clogged due to negligence: food, foreign objects, paint, grease, etc.
  • Additional locks
  • Locked out, misplaced or lost keys. Please contact the Middlebrook Hall desk to borrow a key for initial entry. This key must be returned immediately. Place an online repair request (e-worf below) to have new keys made.
  • Replacing a lost key(s). Charges will be applied to re-core the door lock as well as the replacement keys.
  • Nails, tacks, bolts or screws in the walls, doors, casings, floor or ceilings. If you wish to hang a heavy object such as a mirror, contact Housing Maintenance. They will help you locate a stud or beam that will support it and help you hang it, at no charge.
  • “Scotch” tape, masking tape or other adhesive materials. These articles can leave marks, which can neither be washed off nor covered with paint.
  • Additional electrical wiring
  • Wallpaper or other stick-tight material like decals or stickers

Maintenance of Furnaces, Air Conditioners & Smoke Detectors

Housing & Residential Life and Housing Maintenance service maintain Campus Rentals furnaces, air conditioners and smoke detectors. Air conditioners are serviced as necessary when they are turned on around April 15, and when they are turned off around October 15 each year. Notifications are sent to residents 48 hours in advance when inspections will take place.

In the case of a maintenance emergency or the potential violation of a Fire or Life Safety regulation, Housing & Residential Life and/or University Code Enforcement Officials have the right to immediate entry to the premises.

Fix It: Online Repair Requests

Residents should complete a Fix It request. Residents should provide contact information and a brief description of the repair needed.

Emergency work order situations must be called in immediately. Use the call down information list provided to you at check-in.

Weekends & Holidays, After Hours - 612-490-5227 (maintenance on call)
Facilities Supervisor, office: 612-625-0144 -- cell:612-490-5620
Housing Coordinator, office: 612-624-1969 -- cell:612-490-5591