• Transfer Student LLCs

  • Chinese Language and Cultural House Header

    Chinese Language and Culture House

    Surround yourself with students who are passionate about Chinese.

  • CSE Transfer House Header

    CSE Transfer House

    Build connections in the CSE Transfer House and love your first semester and the U of M!

  • Fostering Education and Training Canines in Housing (FETCH)

    Fostering Education and Training Canines in Housing (FETCH)

    Do you want to know what it’s like to train a service dog? Here's your chance!

  • Global Gopher Community

    Global Gopher Community

    Make friends with students from all over the world and learn about different cultures!

  • Lavender House Header

    Lavender House

    Express yourself freely with other inclusive LGBTQIA+ students.

  • Leaders In TRansition Header

    Leaders in Transition

    Did you recently transfer and are interested in learning more about becoming an exceptional leader? This is the LLC for you.

  • Ojibwewigamig LLC Logo


    Grow your Ojibwe fluency and learn to use the language in everyday life!

  • STEM Diversity House Header

    STEM Diversity House

    Join other Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color who are also interested in science, engineering, and mathematics.

  • Substance Free Housing Header

    Substance-Free House

    Discover friends who also share a commitment to remaining substance-free.