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Radius TV

Cable & Streaming

Included with your apartment is Radius TV, a service that begins on your move-in date, and provides 70+ channels of news, sports, and entertainment content via coaxial cable TV outlets.

Also included is UMN-TV, which can be accessed through internet streaming, and mobile applications. It includes content like major broadcast TV, as well as sports and entertainment networks. HBO and HBO Max are accessible through XFINITY On Campus.

Channel lineup is subject to change.


  • 120+ High Definition Channels
  • HBO & HBO Max (via Comcast XFINITY On Campus)
  • Personal Cloud Digital Video Recorder with 20 Hours of Storage
  • Accessible on Televisions, Computers, Tablets, Phones, Roku Devices, and more

Radius TV

  • 70+ Cable TV Channels
  • Coaxial Cable and TV Included With Your Apartment

How do I watch?

Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance?

Are you having trouble accessing UMN-TV?

Before you ask for help, check that your cable (Ethernet or cable) is securely connected to both your television and the Ethernet/cable port. If you are still unable to connect to UMN-TV, submit a Connect It request. Do not contact Comcast/Xfinity.

Having trouble scanning for TV channels?

Before you ask for help, double check that the power cord and coaxial cable are secure. If you are having issues and have already made sure that the cord connections are secure, you might need to purchase an external TV tuner. Please note that TVs made before 2007 might not be able to receive digital channels.

For assistance, submit a Connect It request.