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Rules and Policies

Our community values the health, safety, and personal wellbeing of all residents and staff, and we are committed to fostering inclusive and engaged community living experiences.

We see this as a shared responsibility and expect residents to support Housing rules and University policies with the understanding that there are consequences when these expectations are not met.


Student Conduct Process FAQ

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Community Behavioral Standards
Expectations rooted in respect for the rights and the responsibilities of all community members. 
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Student Conduct Process
Review the process for students involved in a housing incident report.
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Housing Contract
Review terms, provisions, and payment information to secure your housing space.

Technology Use

Computers and other information technology resources are valuable tools and should be used and managed responsibly. University community members are granted access to these resources and are responsible for their appropriate use.

Housing residents have access to many technology resources and services exclusive to their building community. All residents must comply with the following agreement in order to access the University network. Learn more about technology services in your building.