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How It Works

Your preferences are important to us! We use the information on your housing application to assign you to a space that most closely matches your choices. Be sure to list all the options you are interested in.

Before making final assignments, we look at the following items:

Housing Application Date

The sooner you apply, the better! We make assignments in the order we received the applications, so applying sooner means you have a better chance of getting your preferred choice.

Living Learning Communities

Do you want to live with other students with similar interests? Each Living Learning Community has reserved space in a specific building and some have special requirements.

Mutual Roommate Requests

Have a specific roommate in mind? Either enter their Internet ID on your application to invite them to a roommate group or accept an invite from another student. Requests must be mutual, so you will both need to list this information on your application.


You can list up to 25 room types and building preferences. The more you share the better. 

Room Types

We have a variety of room types including singles, doubles, and triples along with suites and apartment arrangements. The room types vary by building, so review the room types listed on the web pages for any of our buildings for exact information.

Roommate Matching Questions

It's common not to have a roommate planned ahead of time. The application has questions asking things like whether you're a morning person or a night owl, and we'll use those answers to match you to a roommate.

Not sure what you want? We get it.

The housing application asks a lot of questions, but we know you may not have it all figured out immediately! We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible, but you can make changes until the spring.

Think of submitting your application as you holding your spot in line. You can then log back into your submitted application to change your preferences if you find someone you want as a roommate or if you decide you want to live in a specific Living Learning Community or building.

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Gender Open Housing
An inclusive option to live together regardless of sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression.
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We are committed to providing equitable access and opportunity to housing spaces and programs for residents with disabilities.
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Expanded Housing
Occasionally, temporary alternative spaces are used to meet guaranteed housing commitments when demand is high.

How do we do assignments? It's complicated.

While applying earlier can help put you in a better position, application preferences are not guaranteed, and we know that means some assignments may not be a student's top choice. Depending on housing demand, it can become even more complicated to meet each student's expectations.

Try not to stress.

A common misconception is that it is important to have housing near the college or major you expect to have, but you'll find you will enroll in classes across the Twin Cities campus, especially in your first few years. Many students come to truly appreciate their building community, nearby amenities, and new opportunities once they have moved in.

Also, you're always well connected on campus with dedicated transit options to help you get around easily. Once you've settled into your new neighborhood, schedule, and routines, the size of the campus will begin to shrink each day.

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Our on-campus communities have their own rhythm and unique benefits.
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Our Buildings
Choose one of our unique communities and make the most out of your Golden Gopher experience.
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Living Learning Communities
Connect with other students in one of over 30 programs.