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If you’re like most students, moving to campus is one of the first steps toward finding your niche in the world. It’s where you discover new interests, new friendships, and new perspectives. Housing & Residential Life can help you make the most of this time of personal discovery.

In a typical year, nearly 90 percent of first-year students decide to live in on-campus housing. It’s a smart decision: research shows that living on campus leads to better grades and graduation rates. It’s also a practical decision, providing easy access to classrooms, libraries, dining halls, fitness centers, clinics, and more.

Take advantage of the full university experience with your choice of on-campus living options.

Apply Early

Housing assignments are made based on the date of your housing application, which opens for new students in November each year. Bonus! Application changes are accepted into the following May, and you can update preferences as much as you want (it won't impact your original application date). 

So, don’t wait until you know your admission status to apply for on-campus housing. Applying early puts you in a better position to get one of your preferred living options, and all that is needed is a $50 housing application fee. 


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Prefer the arts and culture scene of the West Bank, the bustle of the Superblock, or the relaxed scenery on the St. Paul campus? Get to know the neighborhoods that make our campus stand out.

Live & Learn

We host over 30 unique Living Learning Communities where students share their academic goals and personal interests—from business to biology, sustainability to social justice, there’s an LLC for you.


The sooner you apply, the better! Your application date is one of the top factors that go into our assignment process. Learn more and get ready to apply.


We offer limited tours of some of our buildings. To learn more, review the In-person Campus Visit webpage on the Office of Admissions website.

You can take a virtual tour of our rooms anytime! We have 360-degree photos of different room types and video walkthroughs of our buildings. These are available under the "Room Types" option on any building webpage.

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Future Gophers
Starting college is your next big move, and we want prospective and incoming students to feel ready.
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International Students
We aim to provide welcoming housing options for the University’s international community.
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Housing Families

Feeling nervous about sending your student off to college? You're not alone. The families of our 6,000+ residents share these exact feelings each and every year.