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Gender Open Housing

Safe, inclusive, and supportive living

Gender Open Housing aims to provide an option for students who would feel more comfortable living with someone outside of their designated sex and/or someone with similar gender identity. There is no cost associated with this option, and students are only assigned to Gender Open spaces if they request it on their housing application.

Our team is devoted to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive living experience for all University of Minnesota students. By offering this housing option, we are helping to create an environment that achieves these goals and acknowledges the diverse needs of our students.

Contact Housing & Residential Life at 612-624-2994 or [email protected] for more information and to connect with members of our team who developed Gender Open Housing plans. The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life also helps students develop a Gender Open Housing plan that meets their needs.


Gender Open spaces are available in the following buldings. Other spaces will be made available based on the feedback of students and the renovation of our facilities. If you want to live in Gender Open Housing in a building that is not listed, email [email protected] for assistance. 

All students within Gender Open Housing will have access to single-user bathrooms.


Students interested in a Gender Open Housing assignment can select to be assigned with someone whose gender identity is different than theirs in the housing application. Students who select this option will be assigned together based on the rest of the application preferences.

In the spring, all students with a housing application are invited to participate in our Roommate Search tool where they can connect with potential roommates. This tool allows students to share more details about their interests and hobbies and then provides a list of potential matches based on their answers. Students who find a successful match, can update their housing application with their new roommates information. All roommate requests must be mutual.  

If your roommate cancels their contract

Don't worry. You will have the opportunity to choose a new roommate. If you do not know of a potential new roommate, housing will assign a roommate who also selected Gender Open Housing on their application. If you are no longer interested in Gender Open Housing, please contact Housing & Residential Life at 612-624-2994 or [email protected] to be moved to a non-Gender Open Housing space.

Roommate concerns

To help students establish an effective and successful partnership, we encourage all residents to participate in a Roommate Success Plan with their Community Advisor. Housing & Residential Life staff members are available to assist with mediating conflicts. Our initial strategy is to have roommates discuss issues that create conflict or discomfort.

How to Apply

New prospective students interested in Gender Open Housing should indicate they would like to live with someone whose gender identity is different than their own on their housing application. Students who select this option and are assigned to a shared living space will be assigned with another student who also selected this option.

Current residents who are interested in living in a Gender Open space for the following academic year can reserve a space during Room Sign-up.

Thinking about LLCs? The Lavender House LLC in Comstock Hall has dedicated Gender Open spaces for new and returning students.

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