Diners scattered throughout the Sanford dining hall

Dining & Meal Plans

Grab a bite whenever you want

There’s no need to worry about buying groceries or cooking if you have a meal plan. With a variety of food options, you’re just a U Card swipe away from healthy, balanced meals and great snacks morning, noon, and night!

There are dining halls in six of our residence halls and over 20 retail restaurants, including Starbucks, Panda Express, Subway, Chick-fil-A, and more.

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All students living in our residence halls are required to have an unlimited meal plan. Meal plans are optional for residents living in our on-campus apartments (Keeler, Radius, Wilkins, and Yudof).

With an unlimited meal plan, you can visit the dining halls as many times as you want in a day/week and eat as much as you wish.

The cost difference between the three meal plans (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) is for the amount of Dining Dollars (previously called FlexDine) included at the start of the semester. Additionally, the Gold and Platinum plans include access to a certain amount of guest meal swipes.

Note: The Silver plan (unlimited meals + $100 Dining Dollars) is the default plan for residence hall students. All students living in our residence halls will automatically be enrolled in this plan unless they choose to enroll in the Gold or Platinum plan.


Types of Meal Plans Available for 2023-2024


Residence Hall Meal Plans

All costs are per semester. All meal plans include unlimited meals and a varying amount of Dining Dollars. Some meal plans include Guest meals.

Plan Meals Dining Dollars* Guest Meal Swipes** Total Cost***
Silver Unlimited $100 0 $2,650
Gold Unlimited $200 3 $2,750
Platinum Unlimited $300 6 $2,850


* Dining Dollars will roll over from the fall to spring semester and will expire at the end of the academic year in the spring.

** Guest meals will not roll over from the fall to spring semester.

*** The total cost listed is for both the unlimited meals and the additional Dining Dollars included. When reviewing a student's bill, the cost of the unlimited meals ($2,550) and Dining Dollars will be listed as two separate charges.


Optional Apartment Meal Plans

Apartment and commuter students have the option to choose a meal plan at any time, but it is best to make the request by August 21 to ensure the meal plan is active on the first day of the semester. In addition to being able to take advantage of any of the residential meal plans, on-campus apartment residents or commuters may sign up for semester block meal plans or Dining Dollars plans—a flexible option for students with a busy schedule. Meal swipes can be used at the restaurants in Middlebrook, 17th Ave, Sanford, Bailey, Pioneer, or Comstock (Comstock/Yudof residents only). Go to the M Food Co. website for more information.

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