Cable & Streaming TV

UMN-TV Service begins on your move-in date, and provides 120+ channels of high definition content via internet streaming, coaxial cable TV outlets*, and mobile applications. Content like major broadcast TV, sports & entertainment networks, including HBO and HBO Max access. Coaxial TV cables are not provided, so be sure to bring your own. Channels are subject to change. UMN-TV is an amenity provided to students living in on-campus housing.

UMN-TV Features

  • 120+ High Definition Channels
  • HBO & HBO Max Access
  • Personal Cloud Digital Video Recorder with 20 Hours of Storage
  • Accessible on Televisions, Computers, Tablets, Phones, Roku Devices & More


*Coaxial cable TV outlets are not provided in Pioneer Hall. To connect a TV in Pioneer Hall, refer to instructions for connecting a smart device

Note To Pioneer Residents

Pioneer Hall is designed to use IPTV, meaning all TV is streamed over the Internet from a device, instead of coaxial (cable) service. We recommend the following options to stream your favorite shows with UMN-TV:

  • A Roku device connected to your TV or a TV with a built-in Roku are compatible with Comcast Xfinity On Campus (XoC). Details on connecting and compatible models are on Xfinity’s page here
  • A laptop or computer on it’s own or connected to your TV can access the XoC or any of your own subscriptions (e.g., Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
  • HBO Max is included in the XoC. Residents in HRL properties will be provided access. Read more below.
  • TVs on each floor lounge are an alternative to bringing your own.
    • On Your TV (Stream)

      How to Connect Your TV

      • Add the Xfinity Stream channel/app to your smart TV or Roku streaming device
      • Login to the Xfinity Stream app using your Internet ID & password
      • Start watching and enjoy!

      For full access, you must connect to UMN internet. Some services may not work off-campus - see Streaming Location below.

    • On Your TV (Cable)

      How to Connect Your TV

      • Connect a coaxial cable from the wall outlet into the input on the back of your digital TV (note: you must provide your own cable)
      • Scan for channels
      • Grab a snack or some homework and enjoy!

      Set-top cable boxes are not required for viewing UMN-TV, but a TV with a digital tuner is required. Learn about scanning & digital TV below in the TV Set-Up drop-down.

    • On Your Computer

      How to Watch Online

      • Go to Xfinity On Campus
      • Type “Minnesota” from the “Enter your school name” input
      • Login using your Internet ID & password
      • Click the “Watch Now” or “Start Watching” button

      For full access, you must connect to UMN internet. Some services may not work off-campus - see Streaming Location below.


Coaxial TV Set-Up

How to Scan for Channels

Scanning For Channels
Using your TV remote, select “Menu” and then select the “Auto-Setup” feature to scan for channels. Refer to your owner's manual for instructions. Make sure that you TV is connected to the coaxial cable port in your room before scanning for channels.

Streaming Content to Your TV With Roku

The easiest way to watch content on your television is to connect a coax cable from your wall to your TV. But did you know you can watch streaming content, including your on-demand and recorded DVR content, on your TV using a Roku device? Simply add the Xfinity Stream channel/app to your Roku & login to watch.

Compatible Roku Devices:

  • Streaming Stick (3600)
  • Express (3700, 3710)
  • Express+ (3710)
  • Premiere (4620)
  • Premiere+ (4630)
  • Ultra (4640)
  • Roku 4 (4400)
  • Roku 3 (4200, 4230)
  • Roku 2 (4210)
  • Roku TV (5XXX, 6XXX: Models within the 5000 and 6000 range)

Learn more about the Xfinity Stream Beta app.

Streaming Location Dependant Features

  • For full access, you must be connected to the campus network - either wired Ethernet or WiFi. Some features may not be accessible off campus, including streaming live TV. See the detailed list below.
  • Stream on one device at a time
  • Register up to 40 devices

Location Dependent Features

Functionality UMN Internet Non-UMN Internet
Watch & Stream Live TV Yes No
Watch On Demand Shows & Movies Yes Yes
Watch Completed DVR Recordings Yes No
Watch In-Progress DVR Recordings Yes No
Schedule DVR Recordings Yes Yes
Watch Downloaded DVR Recordings Yes Yes
Watch TV GO Channels Yes Yes
Watch TV Everywhere Content (Network Apps) Yes Yes


TV GO allows you to view a select number of channels while not connected to UMN internet.

  • Login to UMN-TV Streaming
  • Choose The Filter tab on the top right of the channel guide
  • Select “Available Out of Home”

When available, On Demand movies or shows will display TV GO versions alongside the On Demand versions.


Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Included with UMN-TV Online is a personal cloud Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that can record up to 20 hours of content. Recorded content can be watched on web browsers and on devices through iOS and Android apps.

External DVRs (like TiVo) are welcome, but not supported by Housing & Residential Life.

DVR Features

  • Record up to two programs at once
  • Up to 20 hours of DVR recordings
  • Ability to download DVR recordings and On Demand programs to mobile devices
  • Watch DVR recordings outside of the UMN network
  • Schedule, change and manage recordings
  • Watch in-progress DVR recordings while connected to the UMN-network

TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere provides the freedom to watch when and where you want, on the most convenient device, while on or off UMN internet.

Rather than using UMN-TV apps to access content, you’ll use apps provided by the network themselves. Many of these apps are available on streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and PlayStation. For example, if you want to watch ESPN on your Apple TV or iPhone, simply download the ESPN app from the Apple App Store and log in using your UMN credentials to Xfinity On Campus.

See a list of TV Everywhere apps (login required).

HBO Max Support

To log in to HBO Max, visit Click on "Sign In" at the top right of the screen.

Then click on "Sign in through TV or mobile provider."

You will then be brought to the screen on the right. Click on "Xfinity".

On the next page, go to the "Xfinity on Campus student Sign in here" button. On the following drop down, pick "University of Minnesota."

You will then be directed to the University login page.

Note: Only residents can access HBO Max. If you experience difficulties logging in, please submit a Connect It request.

Streaming On Your Device

How To Connect iOS & Android

Download the Xfinity Stream app via the App Store or Google Play.

When logging in, find the “Xfinity On Campus Students Sign in Here” link.

Premium Channels and Packages

Premium channels, sports packages, and additional content is not part of UMN-TV but can be purchased separately and billed directly to your personal credit card. Information about additional channels can be found on the “Premium Video” tab on the Xfinity On Campus website.

UMN-TV Support

Having trouble accessing UMN-TV? Before you ask for help, double check that your wired Ethernet connection is secure for UMN-TV Online, and the TV coaxial cable is secure for cable UMN-TV.

If you are still unable to connect to UMN-TV, submit a Connect It request. Please do not contact Comcast/Xfinity.