• Cancellations & Contract Release Requests

The process for application cancellations and contract release requests is different according to the application period. 

  • The $25 Housing Application Fee is non-refundable. 
  • Applicants who have not been offered a housing guarantee may cancel without providing documentation.


    • 2016-2017

      Fall & Spring Semesters

      Housing Applications and Assignments for
      Sep. 2016 -
      May 2017

      Cancel or Request Release Now

    • 2017

      Summer Semester

      Housing Applications for
      May 2017 -
      Sept. 2017

      Cancel Now

    • 2017-2018


      Housing Applications for
      Sept. 2017 -
      May or July 2018

      Cancel Now

    • 2017-2018

      Returning Residents

      Housing Applications and Assignments for
      Sept. 2017 -
      May or July 2018

      Cancel or Request Release Now

When you agree to a housing contract, you are financially responsible for room and board for the contracted period (e.g. the entire academic year both the fall and spring semesters and summer if applicable to your assignment). Contract cancellations and release requests are not automatically granted. 

  • We recommend you do not depart campus until you have received an approval of your release request from the housing office.
  • If you have questions regarding the likelihood of your contract release being approved, need guidance, or have questions about the process, contact the Business Office Supervisor in your building.
  • We recommend you do not sign any leases until your contract release request has been approved.
  • Remember: You are financially responsible for your on-campus contract, unless you have been officially released.


New Incoming First-Year Students

If a student cancels their housing application-contract after August 1, his/her $200 Housing Guarantee Payment will be forfeited. If the Housing Guaranteed Payment was deferred for financial aid, the applicant will be billed $200 to their student account. Students who decide not to live in housing after August 1, need to cancel their housing application-contract to avoid being billed additional room and dining charges.


Returning Residents

Returning residents assigned to a residence hall room or apartment:

  • Returning students who participate in the on-campus housing application process must cancel their housing application-contract within seven days of being sent a Housing Guarantee offer in order to be released from their housing-application contract, and to receive a refund of the $200 housing guarantee payment (if applicable). Returning students will not be permitted to cancel their housing application-contract more than seven days after they have paid or extended the Housing Guarantee Payment. That is the date by which the housing application-contract is a legally binding contract with the University of Minnesota's Housing & Residential Life Department.
  • After submitting a Housing Guarantee Payment or extension request, returning residents will have to complete a contract release request if they wish to be released from their housing application-contract. Most requests will not be approved. 


Cancellations during the contract period

Contract Release Request and Termination During the Contract Period
Residents may be granted a release from their contract during the contract period without financial penalty for any of the following reasons, if the reason is documented:

  1. Withdrawal/transfer from the University
  2. Graduation
  3. Marriage
  4. Declaration of same gender domestic partnership
  5. Study abroad or University-related internship (non-metro area)
  6. Call to active military duty

Contract Release Guidelines