Housing & Residential Life views the halls and apartments as a home and is protective of resident privacy. Soliciting or conducting business in our communities, including within an individual room or apartment unit, is not permitted. This includes approaching students with products, sliding information under doors, stopping students in common areas, calling students, etc.

Media Inquiries

Contact Andria Waclawski, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at [email protected]. See also: Guidelines for Journalists.

COVID-19 Update

Details for external organizations, University units, currently registered U of M student groups are listed below. All options are subject to change in support of community safety and security.

University Groups

University units and registered student groups may use the following guidelines for submitting requests. All materials must be in alignment with the University's policy on Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action. Requests require approval and should be limited to one per semester, per type.

External Organizations

All our communities have posting boards and information tables in the lobby for non-University businesses and organizations. No alcohol or tobacco advertising is allowed. Housing & Residential Life cannot sell or distribute addresses (including email addresses) to non-University businesses and organizations.

Questions? Contact Andria Waclawski, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at [email protected]

Marketing Materials


Once approved, flyers will be posted by building staff based on available space. Typically, posters and flyers stay up for 2-4 weeks, depending on demand for bulletin board space. Mail or drop off ONE 8.5 x 11-inch flyer at the Information Desk of each building.

Information Tables

Each building has an information table for brochures, flyers, and business cards. These are placed at the discretion of building staff. Drop off copies at building Information Desks. Tables are cleared of all content on a semesterly basis or as needed.


If you choose to send mailers via the U.S. Postal Service, you must list the room number or mailbox number in the address. We do not supply this information. All generically addressed items will be returned to the sender.

Filming & Photography

Due to community safety measures regarding COVID-19, Housing & Residential Life will not approve filming or photography requests at this time. Visit the University's policy page for additional information.

Candidates & Campaigns

Political Solicitation Policy - Housing & Residential Life

Student Government Election Guidelines -- Updated policy pending due to COVID-19