• Getting Along with your Roommate

Living with a Roommate

Living with a fellow Golden Gopher can be a highlight of your experience at the U. You are encouraged to contact your roommate(s) before moving into the residence hall/apartment complex. Planning what each of you will bring can make move-in day easier.

Once you’ve moved in, it’s time to get to know your roommate(s). Grab dinner in the residential restaurant with your roommate(s) and other people living close by. The beginning of the year is an exciting time to share your story and learn about your peers.

Roommate Success Plan

Housing & Residential Life believes that your roommate is not only someone you will live with, but also a partner in your success here at the University. To help you get to know your roommate(s) and build a foundation for your relationship, your Community Advisor (CA) will help you create a Roommate Success Plan. In this meeting, you will have the opportunity to share why you came to the U and what you hope to achieve while you are here. Your CA will also help you and your roommate(s) develop shared expectations around room use, sleeping patterns, sharing, guests, and cleanliness. Additionally, you and your roommate(s) will explore commitments you will make to help one another succeed.

Throughout the year, keep in mind that your CA will be available to help you revisit this conversation. Your Residence Director is also here to partner in your success with your roommate(s).