• Why University Housing

Live On Campus

To put it simply, if you came to the University of Minnesota to learn and grow, living on campus is your best option to do that.

Looking at the stats, students who live on campus have better grades, are more likely to graduate on time, and are more likely to stick with school and not drop out. Oh, and did we mention 88% of new incoming first-year students select University housing as their home away from home?

Here's why you should apply today:

Great Location, Full Support

Living on campus allows you to be close to your classes, libraries, restaurants, and everything else on campus. We also have caring and dependable professional and student staff who are available to help you navigate your college experience. Need advice, a referral, or just somebody to talk to? We are here for you!

Great Value

Save yourself the time and money of paying separate bills for heating, electricity, cable, internet, etc. University housing room and dining cost cover it all!

Want to compare the halls and apartments? Check out housing options at a glance for the amenities within the halls and apartments that make living easy. Want to make your space your own? Here's what's included in your room and what you might want to bring. Hungry? There are seven residential restaurants on campus, connected to each residence hall or in an adjacent hall.

Also, Safety and security is a high priority in all halls and apartments.

Discover Your Niche

Living on campus makes it easier for you to make friends and become familiar with the campus and its resources and opportunities. University housing helps you become more involved in the college experience, seamlessly weaving classroom work with co-curricular endeavors that support your goals and passions.

Check out all of our involvement opportunities and Living Learning Communities!

Get Better Grades

It’s simple: students living on campus get better grades than those living off campus. It's also easier to form study groups with other students.

Graduate Faster

Going to the University of Minnesota is amazing (in our obviously unbiased opinion), but we also understand you came here for a purpose - to graduate and live on your own in the real world. Research indicates that students who live on campus have better retention rates than those living off campus. This means you’re more likely to continue with schooling the following year and are less likely to quit school.

Further, students who live in University housing for multiple years have higher graduation rates than those who don’t.

Gender Open Housing

Gender Open Housing is a living option that provides students the opportunity to apply for University spaces without regard to their gender. This housing option is focused on creating an inclusive environment where students can live together regardless of sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. Learn More

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