Keeler Contracts End

Keeler residents must be moved out by June 31 at 8pm unless they have a summer housing contract

Review instructions and required checklist online and keep these key details in mind:

  • All belongings must be removed from your bedroom/apartment
  • Clean all common areas (i.e., kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. including any adhesive residue on walls/doors) to avoid cleaning and damage fees
  • Close and lock your windows, your bedroom door, and apartment door
  • Pick up mail/packages and complete a change of address form online
  • Return your apartment and mail keys (failure to return keys will result in up to a $75 charge)
  • Sign your Resident Information Card and check out at the Information Desk

If the desk is closed, DO NOT leave any items unattended. Call the posted on-duty phone number for assistance.