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Step One

Tips to get organized before applying.

We are so excited to welcome you to University of Minnesota - Twin Cities housing! Make sure you have your University of Minnesota Internet ID and password ready.

The tips below walk you through each page of the application. Remember, you can come back to the application to refine or change your preferences until May 22. Anytime you make changes to your housing application preference, please be sure to “Save” your changes. Making changes does not impact the original date your application was submitted. 

Contact Housing & Residential Life if you have any questions.

1: Contract period

When do you want to live on campus? Select a contract period and begin the application. 

2: Guardian & Emergency Contact

By providing your parent or guardian's email, we can send them important information and updates about living on campus. Your contact(s) can opt-out of this communication later if they wouldn't like to receive these updates. Their information will never be shared with any third party. 

There is also space on this page for you to list an emergency contact. This is used if you are reported missing. Federal law requires that we obtain this information for all students living on campus. You can update your emergency contact information any time on the My Info tab of MyU (step-by-step instructions).

3: Housing Payment

Your $50 non-refundable housing payment confirms your application. A $200 housing guarantee payment will be due later in the spring to hold you a space in University housing, and it will be applied to your fall housing charges.

4: Housing Contract

As with any lease, your housing contract is a legally binding contract. Please take the time to review the housing contract. Once you agree to the terms of the contract, you will be emailed a copy of the contract upon completion of your application. You may also view the contract online.

5: Meal Plan

You must indicate a meal plan preference. Meal plans are required for students living in residence halls. Students living in our apartment communities can opt-out of this selection after receiving their housing assignment, but we require that everyone select a meal plan in case you are not assigned into an apartment community.

6: Housing Information

We use the information on your housing application to assign you to a space that most closely matches your choices. Be sure to list all the options you are interested in! 

Note: Students who submit their $200 housing guarantee payment will be guaranteed a space in University Housing. However, your specific application preferences are not guaranteed.

7: Living Learning Communities

We have over 30 different Living Learning Communities (LLCs) available to our residents, and you may list up to two LLC preferences on your application. These communities provide a unique living experience, and there are no additional fees to participate in an LLC. Some LLCs will fill up before March. Many programs use the housing application date to create a priority list, and each LLC has a limit on the number of participants.

Some LLCs require both roommates to be a part of the Living Learning Community. If you enter a mutual roommate request and that person does not select the same LLC within their own housing application, we may not be able to assign you together.

Note: If you receive an assignment to a selected LLC, your building and room type are determined by the location of that community.

8: Building & Room Type

You can select up to 25 preferences. The more preferences you provide will help us get you as close as possible to your building and/or room type request—you must list at least six preferences.  

If you would like to live in a specific building, but don't have a room type preference, please use the "No Preference" option.

9: Mutual Roommates

This page allows you to search for a specific roommate. It needs to be a mutual request, so enter their Student ID on your application, and be sure they put your information on their application.

If you see "Search Criteria" after entering someone's username, then your requested roommate is not yet in our system. Once your requested roommate applies for housing, the roommate request will automatically be added to your housing application if their username matches what you entered. They will still need to accept your roommate request.  

10: About Me

Share some personal information. Students are required to make a gender identity selection. This helps our system match you with roommates according to your preferences.

Gender Open Housing

This option is focused on creating an inclusive environment where students can live together regardless of sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. Note: Non-binary students may choose from all housing locations, including areas that are not part of Gender Open Housing.

Visit our Gender Open Housing page for details and/or select "YES" if you are interested in being contacted about this option. A staff member will follow up with you directly to understand your needs and requests. 

11: Roommate Matching

If you do not have a specific roommate in mind, we will do the matching for you based on the questionnaire on this page.

You may also use our search system available in the spring. More information about this option is shared with students who have paid their guarantee payment during the late spring. Roommate Search is constantly updated with new profiles as new students apply for housing, so be sure to check back often.

Start Your Application

The 2024-25 housing application opened in November.