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Change or Cancel

Changes to your contract or housing assignment must be requested in advance, and many factors impact approvals. Carefully review details about the process for each below.

Changing Your Assignment

All spaces are assigned for the academic year by the end of August. After move-in, there will be a small number of contract releases that make space available. While we accept fall assignment change requests beginning in October, very few students will be able to move based on limited vacancies.

There are several factors that impact the success of your request, including your willingness to move independently of a preferred roommate and the spaces available at the time your request is considered. It may be necessary for you to move to a new building to change rooms, and it is not guaranteed that this new building will be near your old one or match your preferences for location or room type.

As such, we strongly encourage residents to have conversations with their roommate(s) and hall staff before requesting a room change. It is often possible for roommates to make compromises that resolve conflicts or concerns, and our staff is available to help.

If you have questions about the process, contact the business operations supervisor in your building.

Request a Change

Contract Release (Cancellation)

Caution: Once the cancelation period expires (explained below), contract cancellations are not automatically granted. Remember that you are financially responsible for your on-campus contract unless you have been officially released. We recommend you do not sign any leases until your contract release request has been approved.

The process for application cancellations and contract release requests is different according to the application period (see accordions below). The housing application fee is non-refundable.