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Honors Residential Community

Join your fellow Honor’s classmates and enjoy the benefits this LLC has to offer.

Do you want a unique experience living with other engaged honors students during your first year of college? How about semi-private bathrooms, lounges on every floor, and an engaged and academically focused atmosphere? If you are smiling right now, then you should join the Honors Residential Community in Middlebrook Hall! This hall is open to all first-year students admitted to the Honors Program, and the benefits are plentiful: events with faculty speakers, films, cultural performances, specialty workshops, and impromptu discussions on the larger questions of life (or board games with friends). 

Programming is organized in connection with the University Honors Program, the University Honors Student Association, and the Community Advisors (CAs) on the floor who are excited about enhancing your living experience. 

Housing application questions should be sent to Housing and Residential Life. Contact the LLC sponsor, University Honors Program, at [email protected] or 612-624-5522

This community is open to first-year residents.