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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

Gain support from other female CSE students by living in the WISE LLC!

If you are a motivated woman in the College of Science and Engineering, consider joining us in WISE! The WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) House, sponsored by Medtronic, is a tight-knit community where you will learn from faculty and other professionals who can support you both academically and professionally. You will also have an immediate support network of your new WISE friends, who will learn and grow with you. 

Residents in the WISE House participate in the WISE-Medtronic Mentor Program. Professional engineers at Medtronic volunteer for this one-to-one mentorship program that runs throughout the academic year.

The Community Advisor (CA) works with staff and faculty to organize dinners with faculty, study groups, book discussions, and interactive lectures. You will also have access to the Taylor Tutoring Center, sponsored by CSE and located on-site in Frontier Hall for academic support in calculus, physics, and chemistry. You're encouraged to participate in events offered by the CSE WISE Initiative. All of this is to help you be successful during your first year at the U!

This house is located in Frontier Hall. Contact the LLC sponsor, College of Science and Engineering WISE Initiative, at csewise@umn.edu, or contact the Women's Center with Uyenthi at tranx473@umn.edu.

This community is available for first-year residents.