Fire Safety

Awareness. Knowledge. Preparation.

The first step toward fire safety is being aware.
Be sure to review all Housing policies, especially those related to fire safety. 

All residence halls and apartment complexes have state-of-the-art addressable fire alarm systems and sprinklers. A fire evacuation map is also installed on the inside of every residence hall/apartment complex room.

Residents must attend community floor meetings to review Housing & Residential Life's fire safety policies and procedures, including fire evacuation procedures and fire extinguisher use. One planned fire drill is scheduled each semester.

Emergency Action Plan

All buildings provide staff training, safety programming, and an Emergency Action Plan. This plan contains information about facility evacuation and outlines the responsibility of Emergency Action Leaders:

  • Residence Directors, Assistant Residence Directors, and Business Operations Supervisors are instructed in fire safety policies and procedures.

  • Community Advisors are trained in fire safety policies and procedures.

  • Office Assistants are trained by the Business Operations Supervisor on fire safety policies and procedures, fire alarm system panel board monitoring, and reset procedures.