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Health & Wellness


Text on a maroon background stating, "If you need emergency assistance, call 911 immediately." A gold M is undereath.

In the event of an accident, injury, health crisis, or other types of emergencies, call 911 immediately and then contact the Community Advisor on Duty or your community's Information Desk for additional support.

Seconds count in an emergency, so don't wait or assume someone else will call.

Mental Health

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The University strives to raise awareness and improve conditions for students experiencing mental health challenges. Many students need help with concerns related to stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and other issues. You're not alone, and there are campus resources for you if you need them, including your dedicated building team.

University mental health resources

Mental Health Resources

Your Community Advisor, Residence Director, and other building staff are an email, phone call, or virtual meeting away. Also, the Twin Cities campus offers a number of services to assist students facing these challenges.

UMN Crisis Line Available 24/7

Call 612-301-4673 or text "UMN" to 61222


Leading a balanced lifestyle can help you succeed in a number of ways. Health is certainly affected by the environment and genetics, but stress management, sleep schedules, and daily activity all make a huge impact on our overall well being.

Wellness Resources

Find more wellness resources below or ask your Community Advisor to connect you to the support you need. 

Illness and COVID-19

If you think you may have COVID-19, were exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have tested positive for COVID-19, refer to Boynton Health’s COVID-19 page and FAQ for up-to-date guidance. 

Health Advocates

Health Advocates are student volunteers appointed in partnership with Boynton Health to assist in sharing health resources within their residence hall or apartment community.


Health Advocates help fellow students with health questions and concerns. They can connect you with campus resources and provide health items like cough drops or condoms.

Ask a Health Advocate

Become a Health Advocate