• Housing Services

Information Desk Services

Every residence hall/apartment complex has an information desk that is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week during the academic year with limited service on holidays.

The following services are provided at hall/apartment information desks:

  • Mail and package service
  • General residence hall/apartment complex information
  • Temporary emergency room/apartment keys
  • Check-out keys for special facilities within your building
  • CA on-duty and Security Monitor contacts
  • Questions about room changes or the housing contract
  • Borrow it: cleaning, kitchen, and sports equipment, board games, game consoles, books and movies can all be borrowed.
    View your building's equipment and make reservations online.

Please stop by your hall office if you have questions or concerns. The staff is there to help you!

For additional requests, your hall business office can assist you Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

Mail Service

All mail is distributed through the information desk. Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday (except holidays) while classes are in session.

Send mail to:

Your name
Room number and hall/apartment
Residence hall/apartment complex street address
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455


Minneapolis, MN 55414 (17th, Keeler, and Radius residents)

St. Paul, Minnesota 55108 (Bailey residents)


The following pieces of mail can be placed in student mailboxes:

  • U.S. Mail or any parcel delivery (e.g. FedEx, UPS) addressed to the student or occupant of room
  • Campus mail addressed to the student or occupant of room
  • Advertisements/mail from or approved by Housing & Residential Life.

Information desks will not accept packages unless delivered by the services specified above.

Keys/Lost Keys

Residents are responsible for the use and control of their room and apartment keys and access fob. Keep your room/apartment door locked at all times and carry your keys with you at all times for access into your building. Lost keys must be reported to your information desk immediately. If you lose your key(s), you will be charged a fee to replace the cores and keys assigned to you and your room/apartment spaces. The information desk will be able to provide this information to you when you report your lost keys.


Residents are expected to carry their keys with them at all times. If you are locked out of your room, expect to encounter some inconvenience. Temporary keys are available at the information desk. In order to check out a temporary key, you must present a current University of Minnesota student ID/U Card. If you do not have a University of Minnesota student ID/U Card with you, you must wait until a staff member can be contacted to let you into your room. You will be asked for an ID at that time. There is a charge of $35 the third time a temporary key is checked out by a resident. Another $35 will be charged every time afterward.


All residence halls/apartment complexes have designated trash disposal areas for you to dispose of your trash. You must dispose of items that do not fit in the trash containers provided. Consult your CA about the appropriate location for disposal of these larger items.

Housing & Residential Life is committed to sustainability. Recycling containers are available in all residents’ rooms and all residence hall/apartment complexes for newspapers, office paper, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. We encourage you to support our recycling efforts by placing items in the appropriate containers. Mixing trash with recyclables will result in all contents considered trash.


Housing & Residential Life does not provide storage space for students’ personal belongings. You may not contract with an outside portable storage company if they do not have authorized access to University property.


Due to the high demand for parking, a lottery is conducted each semester for University housing parking spaces. If you want to be considered for reserved parking space, you must apply for the Parking and Transportation online parking lottery each semester for a chance at a student-parking contract. You can submit your application, get your results, order, and pay for your contract online.

Keeler residents have the option to opt-in to on-site heated underground parking for an added monthly cost. Parking at Keeler is handled by Great Lakes Management Co., not the University of Minnesota. For more information, call 855-414-9258 during normal business hours.

Radius residents have the option to opt-in to on-site heated underground parking for an added monthly cost. Parking at Radius is not handled by the University of Minnesota. For more information, call 888-285-9204 during normal business hours.


Bicycles are very useful vehicles for campus life. Bike racks are available at each hall/apartment and are located near every campus building. A high-quality lock is recommended (e.g., U-Lock, Kryptonite bar lock). Check with the University Police Department for more detailed bicycle security information and specific recommendations. The University is not responsible for bicycle damages or thefts. Parking and Transportation Services offers information about bicycling on campus and in the metropolitan area. See the Parking and Transportation site for more bicycle information.

Bicycles cannot be stored in residence hall/apartment complex hallways, stairwells, or public areas in the residence hall/apartment complex. It is preferred that bikes be stored outside. Bicycles that are locked to trees, handrails, fences, or areas other than the provided bicycle racks may be removed and confiscated by the University Police Department at the request of the RD or ARD.