West Bank Townhouses Tenant Handbook

The West Bank Townhouses (Campus Rentals) complex are five units located on 22nd Avenue South near the intersection of Riverside Ave South on the University of Minnesota West Bank campus. Each unit is very spacious with a full kitchen and bathroom, two bedrooms, a living room, and a basement.

A convenient place for any student to live, the West Bank Townhouses are located in a diverse area with access to great art and music in walking distance. Townhouses can be shared with other students and require the same credit requirements as listed for on-campus housing. 


Maintenance requests may be submitted through Fix It.

Submit a Fix It Request


All Campus Rentals leaseholders are required to be registered for fall and spring semesters during an academic year. Enrollment in summer session is not required.

Campus Rentals leaseholders and roommates are required to fulfill the eligibility requirements as either undergraduate or graduate students.

  • Undergraduate students must register for a minimum of 9 credits per semester or present a statement from their department certifying satisfactory academic progress.
  • Graduate students must register for a minimum of 3 credits per semester or present a statement from their department certifying satisfactory academic progress.

It is the responsibility of Campus Rentals leaseholders to inform Housing & Residential Life of all roommates living in a townhouse with the leaseholder and any changes in roommate status that may occur during the leaseholder’s tenancy.

All roommates must be noted on the lease for a Campus Rentals property and must fill out an emergency contact form with Housing & Residential Life.

Requests for exceptions to Campus Rentals eligibility requirements must be made in writing before the beginning of an academic semester. If leaseholders and/or their roommates do not fulfill these eligibility requirements, they will no longer be allowed to live in a Campus Rentals property.

Compliance with the eligibility requirements will be checked on a semester basis. Please contact Housing & Residential Life with any questions you may have.

Paying Rent

Monthly rent is due on the first working day of each month.

Leaseholders are responsible for sending their monthly rent payments to:

Housing & Residential Life
Attention: Billing Department
Comstock Hall - East
210 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0307

Write checks out to "University of Minnesota" and add your Campus Rental address and leaseholder name on the check or money order.

Late Payment

Rent payments will be considered delinquent if not paid in full by the fifth working day of each month. Leaseholders whose payments are received late or bounce a check will be assessed a fee of $30.

If residents fail to pay rent, a hold will be placed on the leaseholder’s University of Minnesota student account. The hold applies to unpaid rent or other indebtedness payable ultimately to the University as owner of the property. A hold on a student account would prevent the tenant from registering for subsequent coursework and obtaining a certified transcript or degree until the financial obligations are satisfied.

The University reserves the right to revise rental rates during the term of a given lease period, ordinarily on the basis of an annual review. In the event of a rent increase, the residents will be given a 60-day notice prior to its implementation.

Townhouse Interiors

The townhouses feature three floors with living space in each unit. A kitchen, dining area, and living room are located on the second floor. Two bedrooms and a full bathroom are located on the first floor. A utility room is located at the basement level. The basement level contains no second means of egress; therefore, it may not be used as a sleeping area.

The Campus Rentals townhouses are equipped with an all-electric kitchen, including an electric range with oven, a fourteen cubic foot refrigerator, range exhaust fan, and sufficient electrical outlets. Some floors are covered with vinyl tile; the living room and bedroom floors are carpeted. Personal carpeting may not be attached to any vinyl floor surface. The living room and bedrooms are equipped with blinds. An electric washer and dryer, electric hot water heater, central air conditioning unit, and gas-forced furnace are located in the basement utility room.

Floor plan of a townhouse at West Bank Townhouses

Procedure to Vacate

Tenants must email [email protected] giving notice of their intent to vacate at least 60 days prior to their intended date of leaving. This requirement applies whether a tenant moves out before the lease expires or at the end of the lease term. Only written and signed vacate notices will be accepted. An improper checkout fee of $50 will be charged to any unit that fails to comply with the vacating procedures. Campus Rentals tenants are not eligible for relocation benefits.

A reasonable amount of wear and tear is expected on the units and will not be charged to the tenant; however, any excessive amounts of breakage, damage, or required cleaning will be charged to the tenant. Housing & Residential Life expects to check each new tenant into a Campus Rentals unit that is in near-perfect condition. Cooperation from each outgoing tenant is needed so that the rates may be kept at a minimum.

Unusual damage and breakage will be assessed by comparison with the original check-in report. Unusual repairs could include replacing broken window glass, missing light bulbs, and missing or broken appliance parts, and repairing marks/holes or other damage to walls, floors, ceilings, or fixtures. Expenses incurred for damaged locks, lost keys, or replacement locks necessitated by the tenant's negligence or failure to return keys will be charged to the tenant upon check-out.

Outgoing tenants are expected to thoroughly clean all walls, floors, woodwork, and appliances. There will be a cleaning charge if this work is not done by the tenants prior to vacating the unit. Please do not wax the floors; the University prefers to do this.

When vacating your unit, you must contact the Housing Operations Coordinator (612-624-1969) to arrange a time and date for your pre-move-out inspection. You must also contact the Coordinator to arrange a time and date for your final move-out inspection. At the time of the move-out inspection, your unit should be clear of furniture and personal belongings. You will turn in your unit keys at this time.

If you have any questions about proper vacating procedures, do not hesitate to contact Housing & Residential Life at 612-625-2121. Be sure to terminate your utility arrangements with Xcel Energy (electricity), CenterPoint Energy (gas), Comcast Cable, and/or CenturyLink (telephone and internet) effective the day you vacate. Transfer the electric and gas service back into the name of "U of M Housing & Residential Life."


There are no bicycle racks located on the Campus Rentals properties. Residents are encouraged to store their bicycles inside their townhouse units for reasons of security. Bicycles should not be chained to Campus Rentals common area fences or trees.

Cable Television

Cable television service is available in every Campus Rentals townhouse. The cable television service provider is Comcast. Comcast can be reached at 651-222-3333. Satellite television dishes are not allowed.

Cable television subscribers wishing to install additional cable television outlets need to obtain a letter of permission from Housing & Residential Life. Any added outlets for cable television service will be at the tenant’s expense.

Service providers may penetrate exterior walls to provide service, but all wall penetrations must be caulked. If cable television service is extended to additional areas of a townhouse, the television cables must pass through walls - not along the outside of walls.

For questions related to service installation, please contact the Housing Properties Coordinator at 612-624-1969.


Hanging Pictures/Shelves

Using nails is prohibited to hang pictures on the brick wall or cinder block.  If hanging pictures on other walls, small finishing nails or pushpins must be used. Plastic adhesive hooks may be used on all wall types. Putting up wall shelves is prohibited. Residents may not paint or hang wallpaper in any part of the townhouse.

Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees, swags, and wreaths are prohibited in all Campus Rentals units due to fire hazard.


The University does not assume any liability for loss, damage, or theft of any personal property. Campus Rentals residents are encouraged to protect themselves from such losses by obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage.


During Normal Business Hours, contact Housing & Residential Life at 612-624-2994.

If locked out outside normal business hours, contact one of the following people:

After you have contacted a staff member, you will be instructed to walk to Wilkins Hall (1212 University Ave SE, Minneapolis) with your identification. Once you arrive at the front entrance, you will find a phone to call the front desk (phone number is printed by the phone). The front desk staff will let you in and provide a spare key (upon identification) to unlock your door. The key must be returned to the desk within one hour, or you will be charged for the key.

You must follow this process and contact a staff member before going to Wilkins Hall for identification purposes. The Wilkins staff will not provide a key without first being authorized by the staff listed above. This is for resident safety.

Outdoor Spaces

In any multiple-household housing complex, all tenants must exercise consideration for their neighbors. We hope to keep the appearance of Campus Rentals in a condition that we will be proud of and that all tenants will enjoy.

We encourage everyone to help keep the area as presentable as possible. University Land Care mows the lawn and trims weeds when necessary, and residents are encouraged to remove weeds on their unit's property. 

Open fires are not permitted on the site except for gas/charcoal cooking in a grill. Outdoor patio furniture and gas/charcoal grills are allowed, as long as their placement does not obstruct the exit path from a unit.

Upholstered furniture should not be placed outside of Campus Rentals units. This type of furniture creates a fire hazard and also serves as a nesting place for mice and other rodents.


A small parking lot monitored and maintained by University of Minnesota Parking & Transportation Services is located directly north of the Campus Rentals townhouses. Depending on availability, Campus Rental tenants may rent parking spaces in this lot, which is accessed from 22nd Avenue South.

For information about obtaining a parking permit for parking lot C85 or if you have other questions, concerns, or problems related to parking in this lot, contact Parking & Transportation Services at 612-626-7275.

Snow Plowing

The parking lots are monitored and plowed by Parking & Transportation Services. Snow will be blown off the sidewalks by University Land Care. Each tenant is responsible for their own entrance, and tenants are encouraged to keep their front steps clear. Questions about plowing should be directed to Parking & Transportation Services.

The University makes every effort to pay special attention to pedestrian walkways, disability parking, entrance/exit grooming, and the methodical sanding and salting of all affected areas. Snow removal of surface lots normally begins at the most logical time of day following snow accumulation that reaches or exceeds two to three inches.

Public lots will have signs with specific instructions about snow parking. Though the University tries to notify residents in advance, the lots may be closed without advance notice until adequately plowed, sanded, and salted in the interest of safety.

If vehicles are parked in Parking & Transportation spots during plowing, every attempt will be made to clear snow from around the vehicles and as close to them as safely possible. If a vehicle is blocked into the stall by plowed snow, assistance to help move the vehicle may be provided upon request.

Under normal conditions, the University will not tow vehicles out of University parking facilities unless they are illegally parked or pose a threat to safety or vehicle/pedestrian access. However, when absolutely necessary, Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to move any vehicle to an already-plowed stall in the same facility in order to best serve the entire facility.


Pets are not permitted within the West Bank Townhouses apartment complex; fish in aquariums (10 gallons or less) and certified service animals are the only exceptions. Any questions about service animals can be directed to the Housing Properties Coordinator at 612-624-1969.

Prohibited Items


You may not possess guns, ammunition, or any other weapons (including, but not limited to knives, darts, BB/pellet guns, paintball guns, and swords or any blade longer than 4 inches) anywhere on University Housing premises. Guns may be stored at the University Police Department. Because of their potential to cause damage, paint guns are also prohibited.


Explosive devices are not allowed in University housing or surrounding grounds. Possessing or using fireworks (firecrackers, smoke bombs, sparklers, etc.) or any explosive material will constitute a safety or fire hazard. Motorized vehicles (e.g. mopeds, motorcycles, etc.) may not be brought through or stored within the townhouse units.

Tenant Cleaning and Upkeep


The most common charge billed to vacating residents is for stove cleaning. The enamel on the stove is a form of glass fused onto metal. However, unlike ordinary glassware, it is subjected to greater heat; food spilled and spattered on it results in extremely hard-to-remove stains and build-up.

Reasonable care will keep porcelain enamel looking new. Once the luster has been dulled, it cannot be restored. Be sure to wash the burner trays and drip pans under the burners regularly. It is advisable to wipe off the enamel on the range with a soft damp cloth when the stove is still warm, but NOT HOT.

If further cleaning is necessary, wait until the stove is cool. Wash with a mild soap, rinse with clean water, and dry as you would a dish. NEVER use abrasive cleansers on enamel. The broiler pan should be removed from the oven and cleaned after each use.

Absorb any cooking fat with a paper towel, and put the broiling pan to soak in warm soapy water. The broiler pan will then wash easily.

To clean under or behind the stove, please contact Housing Facilities using either the Contact form or by calling 612-624-0987 and ask to have the stove disconnected. An appointment will be made at your convenience.


Clean all countertops with a damp cloth and mild soap and water. Be sure to dry thoroughly. Do not use strong soaps, detergents, or abrasives such as scouring powders or pads. Promptly wipe off fruit juices, jam, and other spilled acids and alkalis. Hot dishes, pots, and irons will damage countertops, so residents must use a hot pad under the pan so the countertop is protected. Any repairs necessary due to this type of carelessness will be charged to the tenant.

Light Bulbs

Housing & Residential Life encourages tenants to use energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs equivalent to or no greater than 60 watts. Replacing light bulbs is the responsibility of each individual tenant. If you need assistance with this process, please make a request to the West Bank Town House facility staff.


The refrigerators are self-defrosting and should need very little maintenance. If an ice build-up occurs, do not chip at the accumulated ice with a pick, sharp knives, etc. Contact Housing Maintenance using either the Contact form or by calling 612-624-0987, or contact the Housing Properties Coordinator at 612-624-1969 to arrange for repairs/defrosting.

Sink, Tub, and Toilet

The sinks, tub, and toilet should be cleaned regularly. Mild detergents or high quality, non-gritty powders are the only cleansing agents which should be used on the sinks and tub. Toilet brand cleaners should be used only in the toilet. Follow the directions on the label. Gritty powders or acids should NEVER be used on any bathroom surface.

Walls, Doors, and Woodwork

The painting of walls or wallpapering at Campus Rentals is prohibited. Walls, doors, woodwork, and metal trim should be spot-cleaned frequently to avoid a build-up of dirt.

Trash Removal and Recycling

A dumpster is located at the north end of the Campus Rentals parking lot. All trash should be placed in these containers in plastic or paper bags. Recycling bins are also located in this area. Recycled items should be separated, using no bags, into the appropriate recycling bins.

Bins collect items such as paper, mail, envelopes, cardboard, cans, glass containers, and plastic bottles. Refer to the posted signs regarding which products are recycled in each container. Do not leave furniture or appliances by the dumpsters upon vacating your unit.

Please refer to the vacating procedures provided in your check-in folder for information on where to donate or discard used furniture. A furniture removal charge of $75 per piece of furniture will be assessed to any unit that improperly disposes of used furniture.


The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.