CEHD Community House

Students who want to improve the lives of others


CEHD Community House LLC - icon of three figures organized vertically in increasing size representing growth

In this LLC, your first year will be enhanced with fast friends, built-in study partners, and many avenues for connecting with staff and instructors in the college. CEHD Community House will enhance your transition to the U by connecting you with students with similar majors interests and goals, as well as diverse life experiences.

CEHD first-year students are all exploring ways to enhance/impact development and learning within schools, businesses, sports teams, health clinics, nonprofits, and more. This LLC is for first-year CEHD students and will be a first step in building support and networks as you move down your educational path.

CEHD Community House Living Learning Community programming is sponsored and organized in connection with the College of Education and Human Development and the Community Advisors (CAs) on the floor who are excited about enhancing your living experience. For more information on opportunities and programs for current or future CEHD Community House residents, contact the Living Learning Community sponsor.

This community is open to first-year residents.