Chinese Language and Culture House

Building cross-cultural appreciation


Chinese Language and Culture House - A red Chinese dragon swoops

If you are in the Chinese Flagship Program or are studying advanced Chinese or are an international student fluent in Mandarin Chinese, join the Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) Living Learning Community.

English and Mandarin Chinese are the two most commonly spoken languages on our campus. CLC brings these two communities together to learn from each other and to share cultural and intellectual activities both on and off campus. This LLC operates in a bilingual manner to develop a bicultural sense of identity for all students.

For Chinese Flagship students, you can advance your Chinese language skills in a natural and vibrant environment while building your cross-cultural understanding through interaction with your international roommate.

For international students, you will not only learn the practicalities of campus life in Minnesota but also form deep friendships with American students and develop your leadership skills.

This community is located in 17th Avenue, across the street from the China Center and near Folwell Hall, home of the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and where most Chinese language and culture courses are held. For more information on opportunities and programs for current or future residents of the Chinese Language and Culture House, contact the sponsor.

This community is open to all residents enrolled in the Chinese Flagship Program.