CSE Second Year Experience

A supportive home for returning students


CSE Second year Experience LLC - icon of a beaker containing maroon fluid and the number "2."

If you are a College of Science and Engineering student who enjoyed the close connection and community in your residence hall during your first year, consider becoming a member of the CSE Second Year Experience House!

This LLC offers you the chance to explore CSE issues outside of the classroom with special events, leadership development, direct access to involvement opportunities on campus, and academic and career development.

In addition, you get the chance to create bonds with like-minded peers and immerse yourself in a network of support. As a CSE second-year resident, you will be encouraged to take an active role in creating and planning opportunities for yourself and others. What are you waiting for? Join us today!

For more information on opportunities and programs for current or future CSE Second Year Experience residents, contact LLC sponsor Ben Koch, student engagement assistant director for the College of Science and Engineering.

This community is open to second-year residents enrolled in CSE.



Ben Koch
Associate Director of Student Engagement and DEI

Live and learn with CSE!