Ojibwe Immersion House



Ojibwewigamig LLC - icon of an Ojibwe wigwam encircled by a traditional floral design

Gain confidence, a sense of community, and lifelong friendships while immersed in the Ojibwe language. The Ojibwewigamig is a community where Ojibwe language students can live together in a safe and fun environment where Ojibwe language is the primary language of the house.

This LLC provides Ojibwe language students the unique opportunity to be fully immersed in the Ojibwe language, as immersion has proven to be the most effective method of acquiring and learning language.

This LLC is open not only to heritage Ojibwe students but to any student who wants to learn the Ojibwe language within an immersion environment. Ojibwewigamig will have a mixture of intermediate to advanced students so that students are able to stay in the language without too much reliance on English.

The ultimate goal of this LLC is to help students attain a higher level of fluency in the Ojibwe language by providing students an opportunity to use the language in everyday life.   

As a result of living in Ojibwewigamig, students will increase their knowledge of everyday vocabulary and usage and overall fluency in the Ojibwe language, and gain confidence in speaking Ojibwe for a sense of community among the Ojibwe language students, garnering lifelong friendships and connections.

The Ojibwe Language Program will recruit and select students for this LLC. If you are interested in this experience or would like more information, please contact the LLC sponsor.


This experience is located in university housing in the Radius Apartments. Students can request a private bedroom or shared bedroom.


Brendan Kishketon

The Ojibwe language is a Native American language indigenous to Minnesota and is an endangered language under threat of extinction.

The Department of American Indian Studies here at the University of Minnesota recently implemented the BA in Ojibwe degree program as one measure to revitalize and pass the language onto another generation of speakers. Therefore, Ojibwewigamig is a crucial step in helping Ojibwe language students maximize their language learning by providing an environment where Ojibwe is used in a variety of contexts that cannot be provided by the classroom.

Because most students who endeavor to learn Ojibwe in the Ojibwe language program here at the University of Minnesota are often of Ojibwe heritage, they tend to be quite passionate about learning their heritage language.

Live and learn with Ojibwewigamig!