Transfer Student Experience

Enhance your personal growth


Transfer Student Experience LLC - An icon of two mountain peaks. The nearer peak is topped by a red flag.

The purpose of the Transfer Student Experience Living Learning Community is to help you, as a transfer student, grow and develop at a personal level so you can become an effective leader.

Past participants say their experiences in this community were both personally and professionally challenging, as well as one of the most rewarding experiences during their first year on campus.

To be eligible for the Transfer Student Experience LLC, a student must be a new transfer student admitted to the Twin Cities campus for the fall semester and bring a genuine interest in leadership development.

Transfer Student Experience Living Learning Community programming is sponsored and organized in connection with Orientation & Transition Experiences and the Community Advisors (CAs) on the floor who are excited about enhancing your living experience. 

Contact the sponsor for more information on opportunities and programs for current or future Transfer Student Experience residents.

The community is open to residents transferring from other institutions.